Ah, the world of social media apps. It’s truly every-evolving in terms of users and popularity. As of late, it seems as though young users have ditched Facebook. So where can people turn for new social media platforms? That’s where we come in. First of all, don’t panic. Sites like Faceboook and Twitter are still going strong. But there are plenty of other new social apps available. Most of which could be the next big thing. So today we’re sharing 7 less-heard of social media apps. Cool, huh?


peach social app
There’s nothing particularly innovative about Peach, but it has early adopters in Silicon Valley buzzing like a swarm of techie bees. However, this may or may not be a good sign. What gives Peach it’s cool factor is it’s super flexible in terms of it’s setup. It combines a variety of different aspects from Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter and mashes them into a colorful, free-flowing concept. It also ditches the idea of a news feed in favour of a more fleeting, less permanent approach.


ello social app
Since it’s launch, Ello hasn’t quite lived up to all the hype, but there’s still a lot going for it. Recently they’re focus is on being a “creators’ network”. A place where you can promote your artistic urges free from the corporate machinations and advertising of Facebook. Furthermore, you can check it out without signing up for an account. Best of all, the interface is rather clean and the app’s usage is straightforward.

BEME [ BEME has closed its doors after its acquisition by CNN and departure of Casey Neistat abd Matt Hackett]

beme social app
Beme is built around the idea of instant, unpolished video sharing. As you might expect, it was created by YouTube legend and power user, Casey Neistat. Don’t fret if your footage has an amateur feel to it. Just get it up there. Also, if you think that sounds a lot like Snapchat, you’re right. Just like Snapchat, Beme clips are designed to disappear after you’ve seen them too. We’ll see how this stacks up now that Instagram has created a 24-hour “stories” feature.


yik-yak social app
Yik Yak is the go to place for random, anonymous messages from people in your location. At first it sounds weird, but the more you think about it, it’s pretty innovative. Think about the possibilities in terms of music festivals, colleges, offices, and much more. Essentially any time you’re with people in the community you can tap into random conversations – much more easily than Facebook. Of course, if there are no other users in your area, it can get pretty lonely on Yik Yak.


untappd social app
Untappd is a mobile social network based around beers. Users can share where they’re having a drink and what beer they’re drinking. To make Untappd fun and interactive, users leave reviews for all the beers they’ve tried! Consequently, you can discover new places and new brews. There are plenty of activity ‘rewards’ to unlock as well. Think of it as a game for your brewskis.

PATH [Path has closed it’s doors for good on 10/18/18]

path social app
Path launched a few years ago (back in 2010 to be exact) but it’s recently gained a lot of attention. Path’s philosophy is to focus on quality over quantity. In Path a user can share all sorts of things. Such as music, songs, books, TV shows, and much more. However, there is a limit on the number of friends you can add on the service. But it’s alright because this app is built for personal and private sharing.


hyper social app
Hyper is a new app where users post photos with hashtags and geotag to help like-minded people in the same area discover new things. The Hyper app allows users to get opinions on anything from new hairstyles to whether they should go to a particular restaurant or café. Think of Hyper as a voting system for whatever you want it to be. Best of all, Hyper lets people remain anonymous if they want. Therefore this app is the perfect place to share secrets and confessions with people all around the world.


Now we know that some of these apps aren’t “new-ish” in terms of their release dates. But all that matters is that most of these social media apps have never been heard of by the general public. Hopefully, this has shed some new apps that you can checkout and master. Best of all, this gives you leverage to brag to your friends that you heard of them months ago… 😉 Which app will you download first?