Who Is Section 5 Media

Section 5 Media is a digital marketing and advertising agency located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who We Are

Section 5 Media is dedicated to servicing small and medium businesses with enterprise-level digital advertising and marketing services. While we are a Phoenix based marketing agency, we have the capability to help organizations anywhere in the United States, and across the world. We work with online marketing projects that include web design and management, search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media marketing and email campaigns for customers that are looking to grow their businesses.  Whether in the Phoenix Metro area or beyond.  

Our Core Values

1. This is a Partnership
We are a team. We’re only successful when you’re successful, so we care about your growth (almost) as much as you do. That means we do all of the things companies always claim to do: go the extra mile, lead with value and treat your financial investment like it’s our own money. The only difference? We really do it.
2. We Won’t Work with Just Anybody
If we’re investing our passion, energy and expertise into every single project we take on, that means we can’t work with everyone. We’re looking for clients who are excited about (and committed to) actual business growth with measurable success criteria.
3. Nothing is Set it and Forget It
Technology is constantly evolving, consumers are always looking for innovative marketing techniques, and the data is revealing new insights all the time. Nothing we do can be set on auto-pilot forever. We’ll tell you right up front that digital marketing growth requires vigilance and maintenance, and that we’ve got you covered.

Favorite Things About Phoenix

As a digital advertising and marketing agency based in Phoenix, we love so many things about our home base. Here are the five best things about living and working in Phoenix:

1.  The winters here are amazing.  We don’t think about if we can do something because of weather.  

2.  There are so many amazing and awesome people here.  Phoenix is a melting pot of people and businesses with many people choosing to live here from many different places in the world.  .  

3.  We are just a few hours from pretty much anything you want to do.  Want to go to the ocean?  San Diego is just a car ride away.  Want to go to the mountains, we’re just a quick car ride away from there too. Want a Vegas getaway?  Jump in a car or bus. 

4.  The food here is great!  No matter the cuisine you are looking for we have everything from great food trucks to the finest cuisine you can find. 

5.  The city is continuously growing and expanding.  With room to grow in every direction, Phoenix is becoming an even more interesting place to live and work.  The addition of multiple company headquarters, growth of the gigantic multi campus Arizona State University, and the rich culture and heritage make Phoenix and it’s surrounding areas a place any person or business can be happy to call home.  


Join Section 5 Media Team

We choose only the best to join our select team of passionate digital marketing gurus and experts. Do you have what it takes? Send us your resume and anything else to convince us that you have what we’re looking for!