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The Top Marketing Strategies Construction Businesses are Using To Stay Ahead

Construction businesses must keep generating leads and then converting these leads into paying customers. As it happens with many businesses, your construction business might hit a marketing plateau where you feel like you are not making progress or cannot generate more leads. This can be infuriating, disappointing, and defeating, especially at a time when your competition is doing well. The good news is that there are marketing strategies you can use to not only catch up, but also get and stay ahead of your competition. Here are the top strategies to help your construction company do exactly that.

Focus on Account-based Marketing

In marketing, you might hear about targeted marketing. Targeted marketing involves targeting specific types of customers with information, products, and offers they will be interested in. Account-based marketing takes this to the next level. This type of marketing is where a construction business focuses on a few very high-value customers. These are customers identified through thorough research into the ideal customer for a specific construction business.

If you have been in the construction business for a while, you already know who your ideal customers are and who the biggest players in your industry are. With this strategy, you pick a few of these people and target them with marketing campaigns that include information they are interested in and mediums they are likely to notice.

Here, you use email, content, social media, and even video marketing to develop viable content and then use mediums like ad campaigns to teach these businesses.

The point is to focus on a few companies that will give you bigger projects if you manage to convert them. This streamlines the marketing process, and you know that the return on investment will be very high even if you only manage to hook a few of the businesses.

Account-based marketing will help shorten your sales cycles, ensure you make the best use of your marketing budget, and eliminate the poor results and conversions you often see with cold calling.

Creating and Maintaining an Amazing Website

It is no longer enough to have a business website as all businesses now have a website. What is crucial, however, is ensuring the website doesn’t just serve as a brochure for your business but that it becomes an important part of converting visitors into customers. Remember that your website is the first place most people will visit when looking for your products and services. Therefore, you should ensure that they have a great experience, and also find what they are looking for once they visit it.

Start with a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and that includes much more than images and video. You also need to provide engaging and helpful content so people stick around and consider getting in touch to learn more, and at that point, you can convert them into paying customers.

It should also contain as much information as possible about products that people may not be very familiar with or innovations that you are introducing in the market.

For example, modular construction is taking off. Customers might be interested in this topic, so mention them on your website, just like this page on modular building products from WR Meadows. Their website provides a great example of how to include helpful content about a topic many people are researching.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

One worrying trend that marketers see is that construction companies avoid social media. They instead focus on traditional forms of marketing, and this is the wrong approach if you would like to be successful. Even though it may not look like it, there are a lot of your ideal customers on social media. Consistent and strong social media marketing can help you increase brand awareness, engage with these customers, and generate numerous leads.

Each social media platform is different, each with its pros and cons. It is always best to pick platforms that have worked best for construction businesses in the past. These include LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Twitter comes in at a distant fourth, but it is still a great option to consider and explore.

The most surprising of these might be Instagram, but its focus on visual design makes it perfect for construction companies looking to increase brand awareness and showcase their products as well as what they do.

You can choose to go with social media marketing, which involves posting timely and helpful content, or social media advertising, which includes buying ad spots on different platforms.

Embrace Video

Video is such a powerful tool because you can use it in different ways; you can use it to deliver your message succinctly to attract leads, showcase products, or even showcase projects you have completed. Video can also be used anywhere on social media, on video hosting sites like YouTube, on your website, and anywhere else videos are uploaded.

Videos are also great because they can be evergreen if they are shot well. There are a lot of things that do not change often in the construction world, and your videos can be the go-to option for those looking for answers.

Marketing within the construction business is not too different from marketing in other niches, although there are a lot of nuances to understand. If you can align your strategies with your overall goals and objectives, you can use marketing to get more leads, increase brand awareness, and increase your revenue.

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