4 Cost-Effective Ways of Marketing to Target Audiences

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

With innumerable options out there all promising different benefits, choosing the right way to market a business can be daunting, to say the least. This is especially true for those fledgling businesses that don’t have a large budget to burn through. One of the best ways of ensuring a marketing budget is being put to the best use is through target marketing. This type of strategy breaks down a larger market into smaller segments, concentrating on a specific customer group or target audience.

There are four main types of market segmentation commonly used. The first is demographic segmentation, in which an audience is chosen based on age, gender, or other facts. There is psychographic segmentation, which instead appeals to a specific base of values, beliefs, interests, and personality types. Behavioral segmentation looks for specific purchasing, spending habits, or brand interactions. Geographic targeting looks at specific neighborhoods, area codes, regions, or countries.

Once the most appropriate target audience has been identified, a company can then look to the most cost-effective methods of advertising to this group. The list below shows just a few ways of doing this.


1. Keep on Top of eCommerce Trends

 When it comes to keeping up with a target audience, one of the best ways to ensure that online content is always fresh, appropriate, and engaging is by keeping up with eCommerce trends.

The internet has been very successful in making the world seem much smaller, and with 57% of online shoppers purchasing products from abroad, nowhere can this be seen more than with eCommerce. However, businesses looking to attract a geographically defined target audience will need to pay more attention to eCommerce trends. This is because eCommerce news India differs greatly from that of Pakistan. Being aware of these specific differences will help stretch a small budget much further than marketing to a global audience. 


2. Create a Blog

Blogging is a popular tool for boosting your online presence because it is both cost-effective and a good way of marketing to a specific target audience. If a business sells a specific product – for example, road bikes – then writing blog posts regarding highway cycling can be a really great way of advertising to their specific audience. Using these blog posts to also mention the specific products sold on the website opens up the possibility to convert this website’s visitors into customers. 


3. Make the Most out of Social Media

With nearly 3 billion social media users worldwide, it isn’t hard to understand how much of a valuable tool it can be. However, along with the potential that comes with that many users comes a problem: the sheer volume of content can make it hard to be heard.

To ensure that social media is being used effectively, it is important to pick wisely, both when it comes to the specific platform and individual posts. For example, those looking to advertise to an older audience would not be recommended to put their efforts into TikTok. Making sure to choose the right platforms and being an active participant in relevant groups is the best way to make the most out of social media.


4. Get Products Reviewed

Forging relationships with bloggers and social media influencers who create relevant content is another great way of advertising to a target audience. The brand-influencer relationship is a mutually beneficial one: a brand will often reach out and offer a free product in return for an honest review published by the influencer. This will introduce the company to the blogger’s audience, as well as presenting a product review from a trusted source. 



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