7 Tips for Writing a Killer Email That Will Get Opened

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Email marketing can be tricky. Emails are received many times a day, but the percentage of emails that are opened can be much lower than one might assume. That’s why it is important to focus on the following tips to ensure that your email is opened. Some of the best practices in email marketing rely on common sense and viewing things from a consumer’s perspective.

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1. Subject lines that pop.
A good subject line determines whether or not your email gets opened. Even though this title generator from Tweak Your Biz focuses on blog and article post titles, it can also help with subject lines.

2. Length matters.
Now that you’ve created an awesome subject line, it’s important to keep them nice and short. Many mobile emails cut off a subject line after 25 characters.

3. Offer rewards.
This can be done within the subject line too, but can also apply to the email’s content. Whether the email offers something useful, beneficial or necessary information, the more it seems like a reward the more likely the email will be opened.

4. Avoid certain words.
You’ve mastered the reward factor, so now it’s time to focus on certain words. When offering something keep in mind that there are a group of words that have become overused in the email industry. Try to avoid words like help, free, percent, offer and reminder.

5. Keep it personal.
The address you send your emails from matters. Sending an email from your own email address and not an impersonal one will offer better results. Emails from a vague address without a reply option creates a disconnect from the relationships that you are trying to build. 

6. One on one.
Construct your emails with a personable conversation in mind. When people feel as though you are talking to them directly, the more likely your recipients will keep opening your emails. Avoid emails that come off as too much. You can use marketing automation to create automated emails that are personalized to the recipient by automatically filling in pieces of information from your CRM. Simply addressing your emails to their recipients in the first line makes your emails feel much more personable and does not take any extra time with marketing automation. Check out this blog post on marketing automation for a deeper look on how it works and how you can use it for your emails.

7. Less is more.
Try to send emails sparingly. It’s important not to overload your prospects inbox. The more emails they receive in a period of time, the less likely the emails will get open. People don’t like to feel overwhelmed or bombarded. Sticking to a schedule of two times a month may not work for some businesses, but when you keep quality over quantity in mind, your business will benefit from it.

Keeping this 7 tips will get you own your way to creating killer emails that everyone will want to open! If you need expertly-crafted email campaigns or need your campaigns audited by experts click here to read more about Section 5 Media’s Email Campaign services.

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