A Guide to the iGaming Industry

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

The iGaming world is young and fast moving, and it is an exciting industry to be part of. With more people staying at home, there is a huge demand for iGaming products. The iGaming market is predicted to grow in strength in the years to come and so investing in this lucrative industry is a smart move. Here is a short guide to the iGaming industry that will help you understand if it is right for you.

What is iGaming

iGaming is a term that describes the online gambling industry. Sports betting was legalized country-wide by the US Supreme Court in May 2018, and iGaming is now one of the fastest-growing industries. Although most people think of online casinos and online poker, iGaming covers much more than this. The term also includes fantasy sports, binary trading, sports and eSports betting, and cryptocurrencies. This fast-growing industry attracts young entrepreneurs and comprises varied businesses such as designers and platform providers.

Different Types of Products

With so many types of iGaming products on the market, it can be difficult to choose. For example, when it comes to fantasy sports, it’s not all about football. Although 78 percent of fantasy sports participants play fantasy football (according to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association), other fantasy sports include baseball, NBA basketball, and NHL hockey. With fantasy sports, you can choose to place focus entirely on one type of sport, or you can offer a plethora of fantasy sports on your website. With sports and eSports betting, you will need to narrow down the types of sports you want to offer and how much you want to cover too. If you want to go down the online casino route, you can provide your audience with a whole host of games.

Supportive Platform

Whatever you choose to provide, you need to narrow down the types of products you want to offer in order to create a strong brand down the line. Placing focus on what you want to offer will also help you decide on the type of platform to use. Although it is possible to provide more games as your business expands, choosing the right platform at the beginning will help you do this seamlessly. An iGaming website could provide many different verticals, but your platform must be able to support everything to begin with.

Suitable Software

With a multitude of manufacturers to choose from, it is important to make the right decision. The software you choose for your platform will determine how safe the experience is for your consumers. Not to mention, if you choose to add extra games to your website, you need to have the right software to begin with. Choosing the wrong software at the beginning of your business can be a tedious and expensive mistake to fix down the line. The software you choose should be reliable. It should also have good customer support options, and it should support the languages and the payment systems you wish to implement on your website.

Understand the Market

Once you have narrowed down the content, you need to research your potential market. Make sure you are clued up about the risks involved and what is required from you to succeed. Have a look at what the competition is offering and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Having a go at the games yourself can pinpoint the best parts of a game and identify what your target audience will want from an iGaming website. Market research can determine demographics and help you attain important details about your target audience. With solid research, you can get to know your target audience and create a successful business plan.

Marketing and Promotion

The iGaming industry is highly saturated and so investing in effective marketing and promotion strategies is a must. With so many competitors, you need to convince potential customers to pick your website. Do your research on competitors in the market and spend time finding out the reason behind their success. Your campaign should include advertisements with specific search terms, SEO, relevant blogging, and social media marketing. Specialist companies such as Click Intelligence provide all of the above and more. They offer igaming seo services, gaming, and gambling link-building services, and they can help you create a bespoke campaign that will turn heads.

Rules and Regulations

A regulated operator with a legitimate website will attract a higher number of consumers. Research the rules and regulations on iGaming in your state and make sure you run your business in compliance with these requirements. Online gambling is illegal in some areas, and your business will likely require a license to run. If you are unsure about the rules and regulations in your state, seek professional help to ensure you don’t get caught out.

Design and Technology

In order to achieve a wider audience and to attract more consumers, you need to have a straightforward platform that is easy to use. Design and technology are everything when it comes to a high level of consumers, and a fantastic UI and UX design is key. Gameplay must be quick and engaging, and so your UI and UX must be intuitive and easy to grasp. An engaging game is easy to follow but features enough challenges to keep the player enthused. Make sure the gaming technology you use provides a safe and secure platform for consumers and ensure the design of your game runs seamlessly and is fun to play.

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