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Trends 101: Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

We all know that trends come and go (I'm looking at you parachute pants!). And digital marketing is no different. A lot of these trends end up turning into permanent fixtures in the world of digital marketing. But there is a lot that gets tossed aside and forgotten. So what creates a digital marketing trend? The reason that most trends start is due to reactions about new technologies or new consumer behaviors. That means that they'll fill a need that's already emerging.

Finding the Right Email Marketing Platform for Your Brand

How To Choose the Right Email Marketing Tool for Your Brand

If you want to effectively share your brand's message and services, email marketing is a highly effective tactic. It can even help you build a relationship with your customers. In fact, brands who send out emails are 133% more likely (yes, 133%) to send relevant messages that correspond with a customer’s purchase cycle. Over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, instead of those one-size-fits-all campaigns. And if you're looking to get some more revenue, email campaigns make up at least 21% of email marketing revenue!

E-Books As A Marketing Strategy

E-Books As A Marketing Strategy

Ebooks are a great way to create shareable content that can entice others, which is why they are a great addition to any concrete marketing strategy. But why does this tactic work? Because creating great content really is the best way to generate leads. So it's definitely something that you can use to your advantage. Now stepping aside from ebooks for just a second, content can come in a variety of forms. Like blog posts, YouTube videos or informative e-letter campaigns.

Generating Search Traffic With YouTube SEO

Generating Search Traffic With YouTube SEOThe term SEO can conjure up a lot of expectations when it comes to digital marketing. Most likely you're imagining Google search results and SEO optimization of blog posts. Granted these are the two most widely known avenues when it comes to SEO. But there's A LOT more to SEO than just blog posts and search engine results. The world's second largest search engine, by far, is YouTube. Youtube is an incredibly valuable traffic source for a lot of brands. And honestly, it has the ability to be even more valuable than Google itself.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Ads

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Ads

Instagram is huge. I mean they do have a user base of 700 million! Best of all, Instagram isn't just for sharing photos anymore. It's now an incredibly influential social network with an audience that's rapidly growing. We've talked a little bit about Instagram marketing on here before. We've even discussed how to build your Instagram feed. But since then, Instagram has grown A LOT. Especially in regards to advertising. That's why today we'll cover everything you need to know about Instagram ads.

The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing ROI

The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing truly is an effective way to promote your brand. However, one element that is somewhat elusive to most marketers is how to successfully calculate ROI (return on investment). When it comes down to it, you really need to measure the ROI of your content efforts. Honestly, measuring the ROI of your content and the success of your content are interdependent.

Mobile-Friendly Content & How To Create It

The Quickest Way To Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Cat's out of the bag, mobile traffic is continually on the rise. But you probably knew that already. According to Statista (2016), 43% of all website traffic worldwide is generated through mobile. Plus a usage report from comScore (2017) shows that mobile is now dominating desktop use. Surprisingly enough - some marketers still need to optimize their ads, images, and websites in order to achieve mobile success. This is where mobile-friendly content comes into play. Below are three of the quickest ways to make sure you're on the top of your mobile game.

Content Promotion: Balancing Organic Results with Paid Ad

Content Promotion Balancing Organic Results with Paid Ad

If you're a content marketer, I know the countless hours you spend on planning, creating and designing your content. It takes time and effort. However, when it comes to promotion, it doesn't always succeed. PointVisible states that only 22% of marketers feel that their content marketing efforts are successful. So, if content promotion is where most companies fail - what can be done?

Why Curated Content Matters

Why Content Creation Matters

Content curation is an integral part of any brand's web presence. Aside from creating your own content, content curation is one of the best ways to add value to your customers. Curata states that the greatest marketers use a mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content. Ultimately the goal is to find the highest-quality material and then share it with your followers. With that in mind, curation truly is one of the basic building blocks of marketing. But sadly, some brands don't use it to its full potential. And if that's your brand, we're hoping that this article influences you to use some curating tactics.

How To Create A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

How To Create A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

The best way to make sure your marketing efforts are effective is to create an actionable and data-driven strategy. Luckily, data can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your business. This gives you the chance to make strategic decisions. Ones that your marketing efforts can benefit from. In fact, 87 percent of marketers feel that data really is their most underused asset. So, what's the best way to incorporate data into your marketing? Below we're sharing 5 steps in which you can effectively use your data to your benefit.