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Why You Need To Brand Your Instagram

If you read our last post, you understand why branding (and wording) is so important when it comes to your business. We've talked about Instagram a lot on here and for good reason. Not only is Instagram a great way to engage with your customers. But is also the best free marketing that your business can get. So when you think about branding, Instagram needs to be a part of that agenda. Today we are going to discuss how and why you need to brand you Instagram. Let's get started!

Branding your Instagram account is a lot more than picking a filter that you use on all your photos. The most important element is to think about the content that you are sharing. What is it's purpose in terms of your brand. If a potential client saw your IG feed, what would they learn about your business?


Does your business ever share any personal posts about yourself? Will there be any candid shots of yourself or professional images of you working? Will you give a face to go with your Instagram name?


What are some of the clients that you work with? Who seeks out your services? Who does your ideal client look like? It's best to help your followers envision themselves working with you. You can do this through inspired branded images.

It might be a fun idea to share client projects, share brand introductions and help them introduce your clients to your audience. By showcasing the kinds of clients you work with you are helping your followers imagine working with you as well.


Let's think in terms of what is is that you do professionally. What is your job title? Are you a designer, photographer, artist, blogger, etc... etc. Is this clearly represented in the images that you are sharing? Do they help your followers know what exactly it is that you do?


Now that we’ve cleared up WHO you work with, and WHAT you do, HOW do you do it? What is your creative process? Do you have specific steps that you follow in your professional services? Do you have a unique way in which you conduct your business? What is it about you brand that makes you unique?


Showing off where you work, or what you are working on, allows for more information for your potential clients to gather. This element can really help bridge the gap between what it is that you can really do for them as a company. It is highly beneficial to show what your world looks like.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? (To you and to your followers.)

Showing This might seem harder to portray in images. But this is where your text comes into play. Think about the message that you are sending with each image. Why is this post important? Is it important to you and your brand? And why is it important to your followers? It's the commonality that helps make your brand more relate-able. Most of all, it helps to identify your target clients and encourage them to click your link and explore further.


We hope this has been helpful. What are some of the ways in which you brand your Instagram? Let us know in the comments below so we can discuss!