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How To Create Facebook Ads That Actually Work

Facebook ads that excell take some proper know how but once you master it, it becomes easy. Last week we talked about how to advertise with Instagram. This week we'll focus on how to create Facebook ads that actually work. The world of Facebook can be a mysterious one if you don't know where to start. And honestly, it can be downright complicated. If you need a little crash course on how to use Facebook for advertising head over here.

It's true that Facebook is an excellent tool. You can: get more attention to your brand, direct your target audience to your site and even convert leads! However, there are a lot of things to consider before you can create that killer (and successful) advertising campaign. So don't waste your time and money on an ad that won't bring you the results that your brand deserves.

How To Create Facebook Ads That Actually Work


First things first, you need to make sure that you have a Facebook Business page. A Facebook business page is crucial for your shop, brand, or product based business. Besides, you need to have on if you're going to start a Facebook ad.


Unlike a personal Facebook pages, Business pages have a little blue button around the Facebook header. This little blue guy is a call to action button that you need to take advantage of right away. If you have an email list you can use the signup button to grow that list. Do you have a free eBook, use that call to action to generate downloads. It can literally be any type of incentive to entice your customers. You need to make the button work for you!

Down the road you can even use your insight results to see how your call to action is doing. If you aren't seeing the results you'd like to, try a different call to action button. Ultimately you need to give your customers both new and exciting reasons to click that button. So changing every so often doesn't hurt. It will keep things fresh for the customer.

But the most important reason to create a Facebook Business page is so you can create killer Facebook ads. Creating a successful ad isn't that hard. Let's dive in...


1. Understand your target audience. 

First things first, you need to truly understand your target audience before you can move forward. Mainly because it's pretty hard to create an effective ad if you don't know your audience. Subsequently, this will help you in a lot of different areas of your business too.

So how do you begin to know your audience? Consider the demographics of the people you want to reach. What industries do they work in? What is their income? Do they fall into a certain age  group or are they a certain gender?

Take time to think about all the buyer personas as well. This will help you put a face to your audience. Once you know this you can determine the type of ads that you'll use in order to connect to them. If you need help, Hubspot has an awesome tool that can help you create buyer personas.

2. Create a compelling Call to Action.

You need to be able to decide what you want your audience to and then, ask then to do it. Maybe you want them to purchase your product. Or you want them to sign up for your email list. Whatever it is make sure that they know exactly what to do.

A compelling call to action contains several elements:

  • An offer they can't refuse. What will your audience get when they click on your ad?  A coupon? A free download? You need to offer something for free because it's a great way to get people to click.
  • A sense of urgency. Make them want to click right freaking now. For example, you could have your coupon expire tomorrow. This makes them feel like they'll miss out if they don't click on your ad.
  • Action words. Remember this from elementary school? The use of an action word literally tells your audience to do something. Like "Buy Now!", "Hurry before it's gone!" "Get your free eBook." "Join now."

All of these types of call to actions come together in a way that encourages your audience. And convinces them to click on your ad. Which means that as a result they perform the action you want them to take.

3. Be visual.

Whenever someone scrolls through their Facebook newsfeed, they'll most likely scroll right past your ad. This is why you need to visually catch their attention. Because your image needs to stand out and encourage them to stop whatever it is that they're doing.

In addition you need to be sure to choose a high-quality image that isn't blurry or out of focus. You should also consider contrast. A light, primarily white image, will  blend in with the page. Focus on color to draw even more attention to your photo. However the last thing you want to do is to be obnoxious with your photo choice. Therefore you need to play it cool and choose graphics that are pleasingly colorful and stand out.

4. Connect with your audience.

Remember that audience you defined earlier? Well, they have needs and wants - just like you. They're on the hunt for something. Consequently it's your job to convince them that what they need is you.

So ask questions that relate to their pain points. And use the language that they might use. For example, if you sell skin care products, ask something like: Are you tired of dry skin?

Don't forget that people don't purchase a product or service based solely on it's features. They make a purchase because of what they can benefit from it. You have a very short amount of time and number of words to convince them to click on your ad. So focus on the benefits, not the features. Like what can you do for them and how can you solve their problem.

5. Follow through and be consistent.

So what happens once someone clicks on your ad? They need to be directed to a page that's all about that product or service you mentioned in the ad. This could be a landing page for your service with more details about what you have to offer.

However you need to make sure that the language you use in the ad is duplicated on the landing page. Don't just put up a form. Yeah, a form is great and all. But you have to include more information. This is also a great place to list the features of your product or service.

6. Test different ad options.

This is where a little trial and error comes into play. Go ahead and create two or three versions of your ad. Use different language and images in each one. You can run a couple of small campaigns just to see which ones get the most traction. The ones with the initial responses will be the direction you take for the big campaign. This allows you to spend the rest of your budget on the ad that's going to be the most successful.

7. Continue to monitor your ads.

Alright so your ad is out in the world. And you think you're done. Sorry, kiddo. But you're not. Don't just put your ad out there and forget about it. You need to actively track your ad and see how many clicks, leads and purchase you actually get. Furthermore, if the return on the investment of Facebook ads don't make sense, then don't continue to run that ad. Consequently, you probably need to revisit one of the items listed above. So make sure you covered all your bases, and if you haven't, try again.

Or maybe you didn't target the correct audience. Take a moment to think about creating an ad that widens your age range or location. But try to stick close to the target audience that you defined in Step 1. If people are ultimately interested in your product or service, it might be because you targeted the wrong demographic.

Because honestly, it doesn't matter if you get a thousand clicks. If the products or services are falling flat you're just wasting your money and spinning your wheels. The key is to create traction and build from it. Now let's focus on some do's and don't that will make creating killer Facebook ads a lot easier.

A Mini-Crash Course: the Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Ads

#1 Don't Boost your post. I know that $5 incentive to boost your post sounds enticing. But it isn't worth it.

Do opt for an ad campaign through the ads manage or power editor. This gives you more control on where your money actually goes.

#2 Don't just launch your campaign whenever. Because there really is a place and time for everything. Here's a tip: most people use social media on the weekends.

Do launch your ads on Thursday night or Friday morning. And then end your campaign on Sunday night or Monday morning. You'll hit more people with your ad. Instead of running the campaign during the week.

#3. Don't set a daily budget. Daily Budget is extremely restricted and advertises to a smaller number of people.

Do set a lifetime budget. A lifetime budget means you're not tied down to just one amount each day. As a result Facebook will adjust and spend the majority of your money when it'll hit the most people.

#4. Don't put text in your image. There's a 20% percent rule on the use of text on images. Don't think you can beat this either. Facebook has to approve your ad before it runs. And your's will get rejected.

Do have your title and message say what you want. Use images that are stunning and appealing. Use images that have landscape orientation. The recommended size is 1200 x 628 pixels.

#5. Don't just add one image. People love options and variety. Adding more images help you in your Facebook marketing efforts in the long run.

Do create the same campaign using the Single Image selection under the format. Facebook will randomize which pictures show up to the targets you've selected. You can upload up to 6 images without getting charged. So if one image is getting significantly better results than another, you can delete the ones with the lowest click rate.

#6. Don't pass up your audience. The trick is to truly get to know your audience. I know we've already covered this. But it's because it's really important to target the correct audience.

Do be very selective with your targeting.  Sure this will remove people from your list. But the key is to look for quality over quantity. Therefore you need to select only those you want to view your ad and tailor your targeting to reflect this.

#7. Don't write too much. Some sections limit your characters. While others allow you a pass to have a more lengthy message. Don't do it. It turns people away.

Do keep it short and sweet. With your ad the goal is to quickly get to the point. Give your customers something that makes them want to click through. People need an incentive and a successful ad offers that immediately.

Don't get discouraged. A successful ad takes time!

In conclusion the one thing I want you to remember is that a successful Facebook ad takes time and research. You can't just set it and forget. Or operate on a whim. An awesome ad means that you need to define your target audience, collect high quality images and figure out what language to use. So don't just throw something up there and get upset when it doesn't work.

Instead spend your time wisely. Figure out and find an ad that really connects with and compels your audience. However once you've mastered that you'll find success.

Have you advertised with Facebook before? Did you find it easier than you expected? How well did your ads do? Let us know in the comments below so we can discuss!