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Building A Loyalty Program: How Not To Piss Off Your Customers

Building a customer loyalty program can seem daunting at first, daunting but highly beneficial. Your customers are your lifeblood and when customers feel appreciated they usually become repeat customers. A customer loyalty program is a great incentive for customers and, as a result, it can attract even more customers. A loyalty program that can actually add value to your customer's experience is the way to go.

customer loyalty program

You'll want to focus on several things when it comes to building a loyalty program that will keep your customers happy, instead of pissing them off:

  • value beyond the purpose
  • benefits that make the shopping experience better
  • increased recognition and appreciation
  • allow customers to save money

So how do you create a loyalty system? Here are two systems that tend to work best:
A Point System
The customer could receive a point for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for services, products or gift cards down the road. Starbucks Rewards is a good example of the point system, for every purchase the customers receive stars that they can save up to redeem for drink upgrades and other benefits. It's important to find the balance with your point value - too little and customers will not care to use them, but too much and you will lose money.

A Tier System
By creating small rewards, customers can start small and build their way up to large rewards, which will encourage more purchases in order to get those larger rewards.

These systems can even be combined! Consider Samsung Rewards for Samsung Pay customers, as customers make more purchases via Samsung Pay the amount of points they receive are increased in tiers from 10 points per purchase up to 30 points per purchase.

When building a customer loyalty program it's important to set a goal for the customers, decide how your customers will progress to the next reward and be sure to give them bonus points when they sign up. If you do this correctly, you can add value to your customer, increase appreciation, add to the shopping experience and give the customer a chance to save money. All of these act as an incentive to keeping your customers happy, instead of pissing them off!

If you're looking for some programs to help with building your loyalty program check out this list of the best customer loyalty programs. These programs can help you with your customer loyalty program endeavor. If you'd rather have experts develop your rewards system for you, feel free to Contact Us with your needs.