DIY vs Professional: Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Design Agency

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

The heyday of free-to-cheap websites is pretty much over.

If you look at some of the more dated websites on the internet you can see… it shows.

If you’ve been waffling over whether or not to hire someone to handle your website for you then perhaps you’re in the right place.

Professional web design is almost mandatory these days, with DIY efforts falling by the wayside more and more rapidly. Read on and we’ll show you why you should hire an expert, instead of trying to cobble together your own script.

It Looks More Professional

Modern web design isn’t anything like a decade ago. If you were on the internet back then, the majority of pages were static and those for businesses were usually a simple landing page with maybe a few other pages.

Now it’s almost expected that you have headers, footers, a sleek design that moves and changes as the mouse goes over it. The progress happened so gradually that many of us barely noticed.

Even using a simple platform like WordPress you’ll need to be able to work with CSS coding in order to make your website really “pop” and be appealing to consumers.

Experience Makes Better Sites

Those who have a lot of experience are going to avoid a lot of the beginner mistakes which most people make. There’s a lot to be said for experience, especially when it comes to something as touchy as web design.

And if you hire a digital marketing agency who also handles web pages then they’ve done the analytics on what converts and what doesn’t. This is often closely guarded information and a couple of layouts can be the key to an agency being a hit with their customers.

Using a professional web design agency gives you the benefit of all of the experience that they’ve already gained.

It Lets You Focus On Your Business

You could spend all of your time learning how to do this but chances are that you’re not a professional web designer and the amount of time spent tweaking a page while you’re also trying to run a business can be downright exhausting.

Hiring someone who creates sites for a living will save you time. It’s pretty much that simple, you hash out what you want and then it’s fire-and-forget on your end while you allow the magic to happen.

Most people have their hands full enough with just managing their own side of the business. There’s no need to complicate things by having to learn platforms, coding, and then perfecting all of it.

SEO Included

Any web designer worthy of the name will know at least the basics of technical SEO. Even if you’re the one generating the content, it’s important that all of those little boxes are checked if you want to get to the top of the SERPs.

And you do, since the majority of organic traffic hits the front page of Google by a wide margin.

Your SEO will always be a concern, but a professional web designer will be able to ensure that the stuff in the background is functioning while allowing you to focus on producing great content and getting those coveted backlinks.

Webmaster Services

A website is never a completely autonomous process. There are always going to be issues which need to be sorted, whether it’s a security breach or just a malfunction in the code.

A professional web designer should be able to help you out in the future if something goes wrong. The less downtime your site goes through, the better off you’ll be. It’s also easy to turn customers off with things like slow loading speeds.

The day-to-day maintenance of a site doesn’t take long.

As long as you’re not facing serious issues. Unless you’re a web developer chances are that serious kinks can take days to work out, costing you valuable time.


There are a lot of “out of the box” options available to people today. WordPress is a great example. It has an intuitive interface, you just pick a theme to slap in, fill out the right fields, and within a couple of hours, you’ll have a functioning website.

Even someone with no experience won’t have to spend more than a day or two to get things up and going.

It’s the custom bits which make a website stand out, however, and that requires coding and extensive tinkering. Otherwise, you’ve got a boilerplate website on your hands and that’s how you’ll be remembered.

Springing for professional web design is a great way to ensure that you have a website which the competition can’t match.

That Artistic Touch

Most web designers see websites differently than the businesses they work for. It really is an art form and many people overlook that fact, getting caught up all of the minute details.

Everyone is creative in their own way, but if you were inclined that way you’d likely be working as a web designer yourself.

The little things can matter a lot in the long run, so why not let someone who has the creative inclination for making great pages take over?

Go With Professional Web Design

No matter how independent you are. No matter how much spare time you have, the end result from someone who specializes in professional web design is going to be leaps ahead of most layman website builders.

If you’re looking for the best results for your company then it becomes obvious that hiring an expert is the way to go.

If you’re ready to get started and propel your digital marketing campaigns to new heights, why not contact us?

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