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Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Email marketing is key when it comes to small businesses. Every owner knows in the back of their mind they should have an email list, but many don’t. If someone took the time to join your email list it’s because they want to hear from you. And we know you don’t want to disappoint your customers. So let’s discuss some email marketing basics so you don’t miss your opportunity to connect and engage with your customers.

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If you know what your goal is the more likely you are to achieve it. The primary goal should be to attract, nurture and convert subscribers. A strategy focused on nurturing the relationship doesn’t have to include a free download. It should inspire, educate or entertain.

Furthermore emails are an opportunity for your brand to build trust and share your expertise. It allows your subscribers to get to know you and a result, trust you. This strategy will help your brand stay in the forefront of their minds. Here are the three main goals and what their focus should be.

  1. Attract
    Create content that attracts target subscribers in order to capture their email addresses. Content includes blog posts, social media updates, and opt-in incentives.
  2. Nurture
    Deliver value to your subscribers. Send high quality content to your list on a consistent basis. You want them to expect it – train them to not only open your emails, but to click on the links within.
  3. Convert
    This is your money maker. Set up your offers and ask for the sale. Since you have already built a connection with them – it’s time to benefit from it.

What are the four major types of marketing emails?  We’re glad you asked!

Marketing Automation or Workflows
This is the easiest way to send emails to subscribers on your list. You can automatically send new content to your subscribers via emails that can be scheduled ahead of time with relevant content.  Emails should provide value to your customers at certain points throughout their journey with your company.  This allows you to offer the same information to customers during an onboarding process.  For example, new customers with Section 5 Media are provided with an email roughly every week for about two months after they sign up to slowly introduce the full feature set and how to use our products.  This way each customer receives the same information without being overloaded with too much information right off the bat. Check out this great article on Using Marketing Automation to Generate Leads.

Think of this as a round up for newsworthy articles. These are typically sent on a monthly basis. It’s a great way to drive traffic to different parts of your site. However this strategy relies heavily on sending them out regularly and the curation of the articles must be strong.  Our recommendation is to start these a few weeks before you plan on sending them out.  Also, ensure that you have a regular cadence in sending them.  If you are only realistically going to be able to send one out every three months then schedule them for that.  When it comes to newsletters consistency is the key! If you need help scheduling your 

These types of messages should be used sporadically and with caution. Subscribers don’t want to be sold to constantly, however if you really have a great deal then they also want to make sure they receive it. Less really is more. Focus on subtly selling to your subscribers and you will benefit. Overall the name of the game for promotional emails is to make sure that it is a great value and the customer is better off for having read it.

Build Relationship with Messages
These types of messages offer you more creativity and flexibility. Send your subscribers sneak peeks, a glimpse behind the scenes or little bits of inspirations. Add value to your email, build relationships and share your brand’s story. This type of messaging should be integrated with your newsletters, social media, as well as your website.  People do business with other people, and the better you can convey who you are the better your business will do.

These are only the four major types of email marketing. You can read about the other types here: Types of Email Marketing

Once you start to attract, nurture, and convert your subscribers email marketing will  get easier. However, it’s important to make sure your business is ready for the commitment that marketing takes, or they find the right partner to make it happen for them, such as Section 5 Media. Make sure you stay on course so you can reap all the benefits of email marketing, as it is one of the most cost effective marketing avenues out there.

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