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Website Design Trends of Summer 2016

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED Top 8 Web Design Trends Coming Your Way in 2019

Website design trends come and go. The main theme is a continuation of trends we started to see at the end of 2015. More video, vertical patterns, inspired interfaces and slide style sites are only growing in popularity. So let's bring on the trends in the design world this summer. Be sure to check out the examples below and be sure to click on the images to get a better feel of each design.

Card Style Interfaces
One of the biggest trends has been the emergence of card-style interfaces. From apps to websites, to even printed material. As a result, it keeps information organized in a user-friendly way that encourages engagement. They work seamlessly across all devices because the cards "stack" across or down the screen.



Tiny Animations
Animation has been a major trend since 2015. This animated user interface element adds a fun way in which to engage users. Therefore, giving them something while the wait for the content to load. However, make sure that the animation serves a purpose.

planet alaska


Streamlined interfaces have lead way to beautiful typography. Big, bold typefaces work well with the other trendy elements of this year. A simple concept of lettering allows more room for other elements. While providing a highly readable display. Try pairing readable typeface and a fun novelty option.



Illustrations and Sketches
Illustration and sketches over the site a bit of whimsy. Since they are perfect for sites of all types the popularity is growing. This style started to gain popularity when it came to smaller pieces of the website design, like icons. Because it adds a more personal feel to the site. Which can go a long way into creating a connection with the user.



Bolder, Brighter
With the flat design trend big, bright color started to gain momentum. 2015 gave us more of a monotone big, color design. However, the shift to larger and brighter color emerged and leans towards an almost 1980's vibe. As for now, the trend is focusing on the types of colors used. Think neon.



Reality Blurred with Imagination

You might find yourself wondering if a site is real or animated. Think of it as design mixing with gamification with a very blurred line between the two. Furthermore, there is a mix between virtual reality and a websites that lets the user find new content. It offers the user something different. Best of all the imagery looks real, but you know that it's not.



Website slides allow the images on websites to move within a frame content. The evolution now includes full-screen slides. Each slide refreshes the entire screen and replaces it with new content - all with one click, scroll or timed effect. This type of design allows users to navigate both forwards and backwards. Consequently, it gives the site an almost physical feel to it.


In conclusion, the examples of the website design trends above indicate a lot in terms of what designers will focus on in the coming months. It also points to a combination of various designs in one website. What trends are you most excited about this summer?