Expert Tips to Grow Your Company Fast (Zero to 100!)

Last Updated: March 30, 2023

Growing your company is an exciting process – but it can be frustrating, too. No matter which industry you’re in (or decide to enter), you’re up against a ton of other companies. In the current consumer landscape, where consumers switch brands whenever they feel like it, this can be a scary prospect. Not only do you have to beat your rivals, but you also have to maintain customers and nurture their loyalty. No pressure, right?

However, despite all of this, it is possible to grow your company at an incredibly fast rate. The keys are:

  • Careful planning
  • Efficient execution

So, if you’re an ambitious company owner looking to grow, grow, and grow some more, here are some expert tips for you to use.

Have a modern website with data-driven marketing

Nowadays, when you’re interested in a brand, what’s the first thing that you do? Visit the brand’s website.

Company websites are one of – if not the – primary point of contact between companies and customers. This is because customers can buy products and services through websites, as well as learn brand-related information. For example, if a customer wants to know where your physical store is located, they can visit your website to find out.

The point is crystal clear: Your website is important. In fact, it’s beyond important. If it’s not user-friendly, modern, and well-designed, you’re going to lose out on customers and profits – make no doubt about it.

Therefore, it’s a smart idea to get help from professional web designers, like They’ll build a customer-centric, beautiful website that is perfect for your company. Not only that, they’ll help you out with your marketing, from SEO to social media content creation.

Hire talented people

As the old saying goes, “A worker is only as good as their tools.” Well, the same principle applies to companies, as companies are only as good as their employees. If you have the best in class, you’ll go far.

Interestingly, the modern age of working is making it a lot easier for companies to hire more employees from different locations, sometimes entirely different countries to where the offices are. They can do this because of remote working, where new hires can (essentially) work from home.

You should use this to your advantage in the hiring process. When searching for talented individuals, consider that you might be able to hire non-native workers remotely. Although you won’t be able to work with them in person, you will still gain access to their skill-sets and resources. It’s a smart and modern way to run a company.

Create company blog posts

Blog posts are an excellent strategy for growing your audience. The key is to make them SEO-optimized, i.e., include plenty of industry keywords within the content. This way, Google will drive your website up in its search results, giving you greater exposure. Here are a few blog post ideas:

  • Current industry trends
  • How-to guides
  • Answer popular customer questions
  • Industry hacks
  • Interview an expert

Offer flawless (or near flawless!) customer service

As previously mentioned, modern customers are a little tricky. At the drop of a hat, they’ll switch to a rival company if you aren’t providing them with the products or services that they want. Even a single negative customer service experience can drive customers away (and ultimately harm your public reputation!).

Therefore, your company’s internal culture should be heavily customer-focused. Customer service should be a top priority, as, without customers, you cannot exist.

Customer service can be delivered in lots of different ways. Most modern companies have switched focus to digital customer service, which they provide through their websites and social media platforms. This way, customers can gain immediate access to support without being stuck on a phone line for hours.

For example, if one of your customers has an urgent question regarding one of your products, they should be able to load up your website, enter chat support, and be connected with an agent (or chatbot) within seconds. This way, their problem can be resolved quickly, they’ll be happy, and your customer loyalty will increase. What’s not to love?

Boost your social media following

Ask any major company – Samsung, Pepsi, Gucci, Kylie Cosmetics – they’ll all tell you the same lesson: social media is the key to building your brand. Quite simply, there is no better tool for engaging modern consumers and getting them to buy (and learn) about your products.

There are lots of cool and creative ways you can build your social media following. Outside of paying for ads (which can be costly), here are some suggestions:

  • Post interesting content, from product videos to behind-the-scenes vlogs
  • Post surveys and questionnaires for customers to engage with
  • Join in with current marketing trends and challenges. For example, a lot of companies now frequently post industry-related memes to appeal to younger generations (and possibly go viral)

As your social media following grows, so will your industry presence, as it provides you with greater leverage over your competitors. After all, your social media audience is effectively an audience that you can reach at any moment. The second you want to promote a new product; you can let them know about it. And whenever you want to advertise an upcoming sale you have, a quick social media post will let them know!


It’s important to remember that no company reaches global superstardom overnight. However, by following these tips and executing your company vision effectively, you’ll grow fast!

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