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Going Pro: 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Consultant

Last year social networks generated 23 billion US dollars in revenue. If your business isn't using social media to leverage sales and leads, then you're missing out. 

If you own a business and want to maximize its online presence, hiring a social media consultant will help you streamline this process. A social media expert will know how to take your current online data and cultivate content and engagement.

With a strong online presence and a social media plan, you'll be able to maximize profits and build leads. Wondering if this is the next step for your business? Read on to find out the top ten reasons why your business needs a social media consultant.  

Who Needs a Social Media Pro?

US consumers spend 3 hours each day looking at their smartphones. This includes time spent scrolling Instagram photos, reading Tweets, opening emails, and shopping.

How does this affect businesses? It means a large part of sales traffic is going to come from online consumers who use social media platforms to make purchase decisions. It also means social media is going to impact brand loyalty and audience size. 

If your business doesn't have an expert to maximize your online presence, you're going to be negatively affected by this loss of outreach. Digital marketing is no longer a task to pass off to your intern. It requires extra care, attention, and time to form a plan and execute it well. 

Social media marketing will impact every business, no matter the size. Small businesses who are just starting to build their Instagram presence will benefit from a social media strategy. Large corporations will increase their brand loyalty by hiring a social media expert to analyze their social media data. 

Any business who wants to grow their online presence will benefit from having a social media strategy consultant. Having this type of expert on your team can help you boost the popularity of your business and save you time. 

10 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Consultant

It's easy for anyone to take a photo and post it onto Instagram. But the difficulty comes when you need a cohesive strategy to enhance your company's social media presence.

It might be a tricky decision to make if you're working with a tight budget. But the investment of a consultant will be worth it in the end. If your business needs more traffic, here are ten major reasons to hire a social media consultant.  

1. You Want to Expand Your Marketing Efforts

Companies are moving from traditional marketing tactics to digital marketing. This means you have to stay up-to-date if you handle the marketing side of your business. 

If you're wanting to expand your team's marketing efforts but don't have the time to do it, then a social media expert can be a great addition to your team. It will give your company and brand a way to reach a wider audience and get more leads.

2. You Don't Have Time to Post

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, owners spend 30% of their time on business services. They spend 20% handling finances, and then another 20% checking email and making calls. 

With so much time taken up by making sure the business can function, it leaves no time for Instagram or Facebook. If you don't invest any time into social media, it can negatively impact your business. But if you try to squeeze time in, you'll likely end up with badly made posts. This will result in a negative media presence that won't impact buyers and will hurt your brand. 

The truth is that cultivating high-quality social media posts requires time, energy, and skill. It means you need a team member who can edit photos, write captions, and effectively post media in a way that grabs consumers. 

If you don't have time to invest in quality social media posts, then it's time to call in a professional. Having a social media consultant on your team means your brand's online presence will grow and thrive. Professionals will also be able to analyze your company's social media metrics and find out ways to boost engagement. 

3. You Don't Understand Digital Marketing

Social media is an essential part of today's digital marketing landscape. It means you need to have a firm grasp on both marketing tactics and social media. 

If you struggle with any type of marketing, then growing a social media presence will be a difficult task. Professionals stuck in traditional marketing will need to get updated on digital trends.  

With billions of social media users, you need top-level skills to effectively use digital marketing. If this isn't your thing, then it's a good idea to hire someone who understands it well. 

4. You're Thinking About "Winging It"

In today's digital world, 200 million mobile shoppers rely on their phones to buy what they need. This means they rely on a company's social media presence to make shopping decisions. If they like what they see on Instagram or Facebook, they'll be more likely to buy products from that company. 

This is why you need to invest in your company's social media presence. You want to make sure your brand and message is conveyed through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets. If you "wing it" and don't spend time creating a healthy presence, you might lose millions of sales. 

5. You Don't Have a Social Media Strategy

It might surprise you, but there's more to a social media presence than simply posting a photo once a week. Social media users enjoy consistency and quality in the posts that they see. If your company never tweets helpful information or only posts bad photos to Instagram, you'll lose followers. 

This is why your company needs to have a foolproof social media strategy in place. The best social media consultants will take your current online data and create a strategy to leverage new leads. If you don't have the time or resources to make your own strategy, it's time to hire a professional. 

6. You Can't Be Bothered to Reply

Part of maintaining a positive social media presence is to reply to online comments. Consumers will post questions or concerns to Instagram photos or Twitter posts. Some customers will even post negative reviews that can hurt your company. 

Why should you listen to customers on social media? If you don't have time to reply, it will give your brand a bad rap. You need someone who has the time and the skills to mediate negative online comments. 71% of consumers who get a timely response will likely recommend the brand to others. 

7. You Don't Know How to Convey Branding

It can be hard to maintain your company's brand when you're using unfamiliar media channels. Editing photos to fit your brand can be confusing. Tweeting information in the right tone of voice can take up too much valuable time. 

If you struggle with knowing how to maintain brand identity through social media, you should hire someone who can do the job for you. Social media consultants will have the skills to build and maintain your unique brand through online outlets. 

8. You're Looking to Recruit

14 million job seekers turn to social media for their future position. It's a new way of job-seeking that can either help or hinder your business. 

Are you still taping up "Help Wanted" signs on your front door? Or have you adjusted to Indeed posts but still struggle to get potential candidates? 

Having a strong online presence can make it easier when you want to fill a position. It casts the net wider and can help you find the perfect candidate for your team. 

9. You Waste Time with Every Post

You might be a business owner who understands social media marketing, but it might be a task that takes up too much time. Apps can help streamline the editing process, but it still leaves time-consuming work. 

Remember, time is money. You want to put your valuable time towards tasks that are the most beneficial and cost-efficient. It might be time to hire a consultant and hand off those social media tasks to someone else. 

10. You're Not Interested in Social Media

A lot of entrepreneurs go into their business venture with a specific set of skills to put to use. It can be surprising to find that suddenly you need to be Instagram-savvy in order to grow your business. 

You might be a business owner who hasn't spent much time trying to learn how to resize photos, edit captions, and get "likes." Learning this can be hard when you're busy and don't have the time or energy to start something new. If this sounds like you, hiring a social media consultant may become one of the best business decisions you've ever made.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Taking the plunge and hiring a social media consultant is a big step for your business. Before you hire any candidate, here are some key questions to ask yourself so that you know what qualities to look for. 

Why Do I Want to Adjust My Social Strategy?

Is your social strategy lacking in every area or do you have specific things you want to improve? Do you want to triple your traffic numbers? Boost engagement per post? Maybe you want someone who can write amazing content with local SEO? The bigger your needs, the more likely you'll benefit from adding a social media expert to your team. 

Where Am I Struggling the Most?

There are different social media platforms that businesses can work off of. Retail shops will boost their sales by posting photos of their products on platforms like Instagram. Other businesses who run a blog will want to increase engagement and content. 

It's a good idea to know which platform you want to focus on so that you can figure out where your needs lie. Most social media consultant companies will ask you this before they get started. When you're able to talk about your social media needs, it will help your future social media expert start on a plan. It can also help you choose the best candidate for the job. 

What Finances Do I Have?

Whether you hire an internal or external social media expert will depend on your finances. Can you afford to hire an internal employee who is there every day, attends meetings, and only works on your brand? Or are you working with a smaller budget and need to hire an outside consultant to give you temporary help? 

If you only need help getting traffic to your blog, hiring a content consultant will be the most cost-efficient choice. But if you need a complete social media overhaul, you'll need to invest more. Make sure social media consultation fees fit into your budget before you make a move. 

Get Posting

Businesses large and small will benefit from a social media strategy that is data-driven and focused on results. With billions of consumers using social media platforms, your business needs to stay updated. 

A social media consultant will help you create content, boost engagement, and showcase your brand. It's important to have someone who can focus their expertise on social media platforms so that you have more time to manage your company. 

Before you go to a marketing consultant company, you should know which areas of your online presence need the most attention. Some professionals will be great for analyzing data while others are better at creating visual content. 

It's vital that your business leverages the marketing power of social media. Is it time to invest in a consultant? Contact our team today to move your business in a profitable direction.