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How to Grow Your Email Lists with Pinterest

Pinterest has been around for awhile now. Even though it isn't as popular as Facebook, (I mean - everyone and their grandma knows about Facebook), Pinterest is still just as popular as Instagram and Twitter. As you'll find in our post Pinterest is the New Google, Pinterest is a social platform that you should pay attention to. And, if you use Pinterest effectively, you can bring in more traffic in order to grow your email list.pinterest

In reality, Pinterest is a huge search engine that business owners can use to drive targeted traffic and grow their email list. In fact, it’s considered by some as the second largest search engine after Google. So, today we're discussing how you can grow your email list with Pinterest and succeed.

Nail Down Your Niche
Take a look at your website and see if your theme or niche is immediately clear. If it isn't clear to you, your visitors won't know what it is either. When someone clicks on your pin in Pinterest and visits your site, they'll tend to stick around to see if your site has great content based on a similar topic. Here's the trick though. They have to immediately understand what your niche actually is. If your niche is abundantly clear, you have a higher chance of capturing and retaining their interest. When looking at your niche, decide if you want to focus on one core topic, or if you want to focus on one core demographic.

Use a Dedicated Landing Page
One of the best ways to capture your Pinterest visitors is with an irresistible offering called a lead magnet. Think of lead magnets as a opt-in bribe that visitors can receive something in exchange for their email addresses. As for what that something is, it should be extremely valuable to your target audience. Your free offer will most likely help them solve a problem or offer more information. A tip is to define the problem your target audience has and position your opt-in bribe as the solution. Once you have a dedicated landing page, it can be highly effective in converting your visitors into subscribers.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile
There are several ways to grow your email list using Pinterest, but it all starts with an optimized profile. However, keep in mind that you'll want to sign up for a Business account with Pinterest. Next, you’ll fill out your business name and bio. Be sure to use keywords in your name and bio so that when your fellow pinners are searching on Pinterest, your name will show up on the results page. So, how do you turn your visitors from your Pinterest profile page into subscribers? The key here is to promote your lead magnet in your bio.

Incentivize Your Pins
In a mind-blowing reality, your pinks have the ability to reach hundreds, even thousands of pinners. An easy way to turn some pinners into subscribers is to incentivize your pins. This means showing your pinners that your pin leads to so much more than a simple blog post. You want to show them that it's packed with a lot of added value. There are two ways you can do that: make a pin for your lead magnet and add a graphic of your content upgrade onto your pin image.

For example, Christina of Embracing Simple has a popular pin – with over 2k saves – which leads to her free course page on simplifying your life:


Just make sure that you keep the description personal and actionable. You'll soon notice that pins with high saves are the ones that focus on the brand or blogger's success (and how you can achieve that same success too)!

Join Relevant Pin Group Boards
The best part of being on Pinterest is the opportunity to join group boards in your niche. Group boards can expand your reach because it allows your pins to be seen by thousands of pinners. Another bonus to being on a lot of group boards is the ability to pin often in a day. But how exactly do you find group boards in your niche? The easiest way is to look at other Pinterest profiles who has a similar niche as your do. Check out the group boards they belong to and reach out to them. You can also search on a Pinterest group board directory, like PinGroupie, to find a group board.

Once you find a group board you want to contribute to, read their guidelines. Usually, there are two methods to request access: email the group board owner directly or comment on the group board owner's most recent pin.

Invest in a Pinning Automation Tool
For most bloggers and entrepreneurs, promoting content on Pinterest or any other social media platform takes up a lot of time. Therefore you should try and make it easier for yourself. Using a pinning automation tool will do just that. Using a tool allows you to save time and keep your accounts active.

Check out these following tools:

  • Tailwind – uses a drag and drop system that makes it easy to schedule a pin from your blog, someone else’s blog or directly from Pinterest.
  • Buffer – handles all your social media marketing, including Pinterest. What’s nice about Buffer is that you can schedule your pins on Buffer along with your other social media posts. Buffer also gives you analytics for each pin you automate.

This entire Pinterest list-building strategy is centered around two things: optimizing your website for Pinterest traffic, and optimizing your Pinterest profile/pins for email opt-ins. If done correctly, you'll have no problem building your email list with Pinterest.

For more Pinterest tips, check out this post: Promoting Your Content on Pinterest

If you have any Pinterest tips, leave a comment below so we can discuss.