Grow Your Brand: How to Celebrate a Company Anniversary

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Companies should never ignore a milestone anniversary, as longevity is a testament to its quality and success. If your business is heading towards its 10th, 20th, or 100th year, you must aim to celebrate the landmark in various ways.

It is not only a great way to promote your business online, but it is an ideal opportunity to reward your staff for all their hard work and efforts throughout the years. Read the following advice on how to celebrate a brand’s anniversary.

Redesign Your Logo

Tie your brand’s anniversary into updating your brand, which will increase engagement and could help your business to grab media attention. Try different versions of your original logo to ensure you don’t destroy your brand identity, which will prevent your business from losing customers and sales.

If in doubt, embark on market research to gather impartial feedback on the new graphic design. Also, you could add a tagline that connects with your target market and promotes your history. For example, you could use the following tagline “Celebrating 100 years of success” or similar.

Host an Anniversary Party

While an anniversary party will cost your business money, the milestone will not come around again, so it’s worth celebrating it in style. An anniversary party is a fantastic way to acknowledge and reward your loyal team for their commitment and hard work, which will have led to the company’s longevity.

Research the market for a sophisticated venue that complements your brand identity and company size. Plus, you can make the event extra special by hiring party entertainment, such as bands, DJs, selfie mirrors, party booths, tribute bands, and much more. Click here to find the best entertainment for your company’s anniversary party. It is an ideal way for your talented staff to have some fun and let go of workplace stresses, which could boost employee morale.

Promote the Landmark on Social Media

Allow your customers to share in your success by promoting a milestone birthday and celebration on social media. For example, you could provide behind-the-scenes photographs of your anniversary party. It can humanize your business, highlight your company’s extensive history, and it will prove you have a great company culture. The tactic could improve your company’s reputation and sales, and it could encourage talented professionals to apply for a vacancy.

Send Thank You Notes to Your Customers

Highlight your industry longevity by sending thank you notes to your clients, key customers, or prospects. For example, you could send a thank you note for helping your brand to reach an important milestone. You could even grab their attention further by sending chocolates, a promotional product, or a customized calendar.

Launch an Anniversary Sale

In addition to sending thank you cards to clients and customers, you could launch an anniversary sale. Express your appreciation for their loyalty by providing discounts on many products across your website and/or in-store. It could generate a buzz about your brand, help your business to secure new customers, and increase your annual sales. Don’t forget to promote an upcoming sale on your website, social media profiles, and email newsletter.

Create a Professional Video Presentation

Rather than publishing a social media post or blog that no-one wants to read, grab your audience’s attention with a video presentation. It could help your business to capture its history, growth, notable events, and achievements. For example, it could feature interviews with key clients, footage of the company receiving respected awards, or it could shine a spotlight on a brand’s rapid or steady growth.

A high-quality, professional video must support your brand identity, and it could turn a visitor into a loyal customer. Also, your existing clients or customers might feel a sense of pride that they’ve played a part in your company’s success.

Launch a Social Media Sweepstake

Promote your brand’s anniversary by launching a social media sweepstake. For example, the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrated a fantastic decade on the silver screen with the 10-Year Sweepstakes in 2018. The MCU encouraged its fans to share their stories and images via Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Marvel10YearSweepstakes over five weeks.

Each week they announced a new winner of a unique prize, such as a tour of the MCU studios or a visit to the Captain Marvel set. It was a great way to thank their fanbase while increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Reach Out to the Media

Spread the word about an upcoming anniversary by reaching out to various journalists and bloggers. For example, you could invite them to cover your anniversary party, or they could run an interview with the company’s owner or its employees regarding the brand’s success. If you are running a compelling contest online, publish a press release, and then send it to journalists, editors, bloggers, and industry publications who might promote it on their platforms.

Don’t allow a milestone anniversary to fall under the radar. Turn the landmark moment into a big company event by rewarding your employees, thanking your customers, and launching sales and videos. It could improve your brand’s recognition, reputation, and revenue.

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