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9 Items You Must Follow to Guest Post on the Section 5 Media Blog



1.  Topic – Your Content MUST be about Digital Marketing, Business Growth, or Entrepreneurship.

2. Length – Your post must be more than 850 words in length, and less than 3000 words in length.

3. Quality – Writing must be of high quality and be reasonably free of grammatical and spelling errors.  All post go through an editorial process that will review content for readability and accuracy.

4. Links in your content – Your Bio can only have a maximum of 2 total links, including social media links (i.e. one website and one twitter link).  Your content must have more than 4 links in the content that is relevant and high quality.  No more than 1/3 of the links can point to one domain source.  (i.e. if your content has 6 links then 2 can point to your website, but the other 4 need to point to another credible source).  Links can be do-follow or no-follow at authors request.

5.  Images – You must provide a minimum of 2 pictures, max of 10.  These need to be relevant as well as of sufficient quality for display on the web.  Your featured image should be a minimum of 1920×1080 for the most versatile use.  You must be authorized to use and post these images with your article. Please name your pictures corresponding with the area of content you would like it displayed with, however, the placement and layout of your article is ultimately up to the editorial staff.

6. Author Bio – Author must provide a maximum 250-word bio with first approved guest post submission.  Authors image is posted using Gravatar, and it is the responsibility of the author to update their avatar that is assigned to their email provided to Section 5 Media.

7. Competitors to Section 5 Media – We welcome your post submissions!  We ask…well actually require… that your articles are focused on the content from an educational point of view.  You are welcome to talk about services and products that you may have available, but the article must mostly be educational, and you must focus on things that you can do, not what others cannot.  This actually includes all guest post contributors, not just Section 5 Media competitors since we’re on the subject.

8. Unique content – You agree that the material that you create for the Section 5 Media Blog is unique and created specifically for this platform.  Our editorial staff, and automated tools, will search for duplicate and spun content on an ongoing basis.  We reserve the right to remove content that appears to have been copied and used in other places.

9. Content Ownership – You agree that all submitted content provided becomes the property of Section 5 Media, and is authorized to be used in any manner deemed appropriate by the company.  Whenever possible original author will always be credited for the work, however no compensation monetary or otherwise is to be expected.

Editorial Process – There is a $29 editorial fee for each guest post on Section 5 Media’s blog.  We do this for a couple of reasons.  First, it stops us from getting unprofessional and garbage post from people that have no intention of creating great content.  Secondly, because we go through an editorial process, this is how we pay for the staff required to go in and check your article, links, bio, and uploading all of your great content to the blog platform.  In the end this is a win-win for all parties involved.

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