How SMM can change the game for your brand?

Last Updated: April 9, 2023

Certain brands have consistently managed to remain at the top of the mind of the masses. Whether it be Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Samsung, or any other of the most recognizable brands, the businesses have come up with excellent marketing campaigns time and time again.

Thanks to advancements in technology, one medium that has proved to be a game-changer for both small and big businesses alike is social media. After all, as per Emarsys, in 2019, there are 3.5 billion social media users! In other words, approximately 45 percent of the world is present online.

It comes as no surprise that social media has transformed from a mere platform for connecting to your friends to a medium used by brands to engage their audience.

Is your business unable to gain the desired brand recognition and recall? Along with traditional marketing efforts, social media marketing is one tactic that will change the game for your business.

Here is how.

  1. Improving brand recognition

94 percent! According to Business Insider, a whopping 94 percent of the world recognizes the Coca-Cola logo. This is the type of brand recognition every growing business strives to achieve. Social media marketing can help improve the chances of people recognizing your brand.


According to Pam Moore, it takes an average of 5 to 7 impressions before people can remember and recognize your business. Compared to traditional media, social media allows businesses to increase the frequency of impressions.

Whether it be paid ads or organic posts, you can choose to run different campaigns at a comparatively cost-effective rate. While you are at it, always ensure that your brand’s social media profile is well branded.

Use a consistent color palette and design elements in each post and photo. Make sure that every marketing material features your logo, whether it be via product placement or as part of the design. Pay attention to the description of your profile as well as the quality of your visuals.

For instance, here is the official Twitter page of Nike.

Watch how it leverages the cover photo to relay the tagline of the brand. Also, see that the overall color tone used is black and white – synonymous to the brand colors of Nike.

  1. A platform for storytelling

Why is it that within a given category, some brands are able to charge a premium and still get a high market share while others cannot do so?

This is because of brand loyalty and resonance. Customers are able to associate themselves with the business at a much deeper level than a mere place to get a given product.

Social media marketing can help in creating this deep association. Rather than sharing your story via a simple paragraph in your “About Us” section of the website, you can show it via your different social media campaigns, leveraging features like stories, live sessions, videos, and static posts.

This allows customers to truly understand the vision and essence behind your brand. The more they relate to your story, the higher is the chance that they will remember you and purchase from you.

An excellent example of social media storytelling is campaigns conducted by Dove. The chances are that you are aware of its vision already. The brand is known to market ‘real beauty’. It launched a dedicated storytelling campaign in 2013 which focused on boosting acceptance of imperfections.

Take inspiration from such brands and craft a story that is likely to resonate with your audience. Rather than making it product-centric, make it need or user-centric. Just like Dove doesn’t sell a bar of soap and instead advocates for real beauty.

  1. Relationship building with the target audience

Prior to the growth of social media, all marketing efforts were one-way. Whether it be watching an ad on your TV or on a billboard, there was no way for customers to converse with the brand – unless they walk into a store or purchase a product or service.

Social media has revolutionized this game. Suddenly, the mystique and allure around businesses are gone. Instead, they are much more reachable to the masses. Whether it be messaging queries via social media or engaging on different posts, now customers can talk directly to brands about any points of contention they might have.

This relationship-building goes a long way. Even if the said person does not have an active need to purchase your product right now, relationship building via effective social media management can ensure that whenever the need does arise, you are included in the consideration stage of the consumer buying journey.

Going back to Nike, here is how the brand uses its social media accounts to promptly answer the queries of its customers.

  1. Relaying brand personality

According to Statista, 86 percent of people assign importance to brand authenticity whether they like a given brand or not. And one way to relay this authenticity is via a unique and distinct brand personality.

Gone are the days when people viewed brands as mere providers of products. Now, the way a brand communicates with its audience, the overall personality it has, and the tone it uses play a pivotal role in deciding the strength of the brand.

And social media marketing allows businesses to truly showcase their personality. You can choose to be friendly, conversational, or witty. The important factor is to stay consistent with your brand voice and tone throughout.

For instance, check out this hilarious depiction of MoonPie’s dry and witty humor. Who would have thought that you could address a negative tweet with such sophistication!

Ending Remarks

All in all, social media marketing and management can put your brand on the map. In a sea of similar businesses, only effective branding and equally dedicated marketing can help you stand out.

Brands of today are lucky to have social media as a medium. Make sure you leverage it properly. Use it for telling your story, reflecting your brand personality, and communicating with your target audience. Watch as your brand recognition and recall increase significantly!

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