How to attract the best emerging talent for your workforce

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Job markets are notably competitive, and the current job market is no exception to this. There are countless numbers of people who are seeking job opportunities, yet, there is a limited amount of spaces. So, as an employer or recruiter, it is your job to find the diamond in the rough or the needle in the haystack. You want to attract and obtain the best of the best from the masses to give your organization a better chance of increasing in success. Continue to read to find out how to do just that.

Have an excellent and diverse job advertisement:

One of the first exchanges that a potential employee will have with your organization is the job advertisement. Since first impressions last, it is important to catch the eye of a potential employee right away and leave a lasting positive impression on them. Doing so will increase the likelihood of them actually applying for the role, which is what you should be trying to achieve when designing the vacancy. Importantly, good job vacancy design will not only impress the potential employee, but also perhaps those around them too. If they decide the job is not for them, they may pass it along and spread the word to those around that may interested.

There are a number of ways to write a compelling job advertisement, which this article will briefly point out.

  1. Ensure clarity within the advertisement. So, include exact details of the responsibilities candidates will be expected to carry out. Also, include details of expected start dates, type of contract (permanent, part-time, full-time, temporary, etc.), and career opportunities. Further, the job title itself should be very self-explanatory and clear to the reader of what is expected in the role.
  2. Be realistic. Do not exaggerate how great the job is. While you may consider this to be true, it is most likely not. Yes, a job advertisement is supposed to sell the job and highlight all the perks and benefits of the role in order to entice and attract potential candidates. However, this must not come at the expense of the truth. Over-selling the job will likely only attract gullible people, as opposed to critical thinkers, who you want.
  3. Provide contact details (e.g., phone number) for any potential inquiries. Usually, the best employees are ones with passion, ambition, and intelligence. So, they will likely want to contact the company to find out more to ensure they are making an informed decision. This can help narrow down your choices as those who chose to call display initiative and eagerness for the role.

Look in all the right places

College students and campuses are some of the best places to recruit talent because that is where the younger candidates are located. Millennials and generation Z are ideal candidates that could benefit the business as they can give fresh perspective, have technical skills and will typically cost less to employ due to lack of relevant experience. Further, they will most likely have the desired educational training and qualifications needed for the role.

There are also additional benefits of recruiting on campus, which include discovering talent early, gaining invaluable insight from careers services, and strengthening your organization’s brand by developing placements, internships, and competitions. So, to attract the best, young emerging talent, go and interact with college campuses. Get your brand heard and seen by students. You can do this by getting features on student newspapers, sponsoring events (e.g., sports or cultural), offering internship programs, or even inviting students for tours to your facilities.

Take advantage of technologies and already existing platforms

You can use Recruiting Enablement platforms and services to attract emerging talent. Such platforms can bulk process candidates, select the best one using intelligent technology, help manage events and even aid in campus recruiting processes. This will save the company a lot of time and ensure it employs the best of the best in the shortest amount of time possible. After all, you want to source and find the right candidate as soon as possible to avoid wasting time, energy, and resources. So, if your organization is serious about recruiting the best talent, consider investing in such platforms.

Be a great place to work

One of the best ways to attract emerging talent is by being the best yourself. Working on improving the company, its reputation, profile operations, and efficiency will undoubtedly attract the right kinds of people. You want to create an environment that is enticing for potential candidates. You can do this by creating and nourishing a culture of recognition. This kind of culture empowers current employees, making them feel valued. This is important as treating your current employees with the care and respect will boost the chances of future employees wanting to work at your organization. Importantly, this will ensure that the talent that you already have is retained. It is no good finding new talent only to lose it. So, ensure that the talent you already have is well taken care of. So, give your current employees the recognition they deserve.

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