How to Ensure Your Call Center Offers Excellent Customer Service

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, things are done a little differently over the phone when compared to in person. For example, when engaging with customers in real life, they can see your facial expressions, put a face to the business, and may be more understanding of the situation.

However, when conversing over the phone, there is no body language or facial expressions to read which can make it more difficult when engaging with the customer. This means that you need to be an expert at tone, pacing, and inflection to ensure the customer has a smooth, seamless experience with your business. If you’re not sure what to do, here are some strategies to ensure the customer is receiving the best customer experience over the phone.

Acknowledge the Customer

From the start of the call to the end, acknowledging your customer by name and taking on board specific comments made by them is crucial. Remaining professional throughout and showing respect to your customers is important. After all, they are the ones who keep you in business, so regardless of who is at the other end of the line, showing your gratitude and doing what you can to resolve their problems will go a long way.

Listen to their Needs

All call center agents must put the customers’ needs first and foremost and treat each call differently. Unfortunately, some call center employees start to become complacent in their job because they start getting used to relaying the same information. However, this can be dangerous in the long run and harm your business’s reputation. Every member of your team needs to possess active listening skills so they can pinpoint any unique or specific concerns that the customer has to make sure they’re getting the best service possible.

Don’t Keep Your Customer Waiting

Most customers don’t have the time to wait on the phone for lengthy periods. If you keep customers waiting too long, they’ll simply go elsewhere for their custom. So, while no one likes to wait, there are things you can do to speed up the process and make sure your customers are dealt with quickly and accordingly. Whatever you do, make sure the customer is informed beforehand if they are to be put on hold. You may also need to transfer the customer to another department in the call center, so keeping communication lines open and explaining the situation to the customer is essential.

Stay Upbeat

A happy and chirpy tone of voice can make all the difference to a customer’s day without even realizing it. Positive thinking and displaying a calm and friendly demeanor can put a customer at ease and make them feel relaxed and comfortable engaging with you. There will be some customers who are nervous speaking on the phone, so it’s your job to make them feel at ease from the get-go. Call center agents who are friendly and upbeat have more chance of gaining positive feedback from customers.

Apologize for Any Inconveniences

In some scenarios, a customer will blame the call center agent for their problem, even if it has nothing to do with them. No matter what, all call center agents must apologize for any inconveniences, regardless of whether they are involved or not. As a call center agent, you will be the spokesperson for the business, so while it can feel frustrating having to say sorry for something that is out of your hands, this must be done to satisfy the customer.

Have Empathy

Call center agents must have compassion and empathy for customers. Putting yourself in their shoes can be a big help when engaging with them on the phone. While there will be lots of customers who are pleasant to deal with, others may lose their temper or be rude, so you must take a deep breath and not take anything personally. If you’re able to resonate with the customer’s problem and understand their viewpoint, this can make it much easier to resolve the issue. Also, if a customer sees that you’re doing everything you can to help them, they may change their tone or behavior.

Invest in Specialist Equipment

Your call center must be kitted out with the best equipment for employees to perform their jobs correctly, helping to ensure customers are given the best experience possible. Whether it’s purchasing brand new computers and laptops, or enlisting the help of call center software providers like to get a better insight into the customer’s experience, bringing your business into the modern era is key for delivering tip-top customer service. If your team is having to work remotely due to COVID-19, make sure their work equipment has the right software installed on it.

Provide Regular Training

You can never underestimate the importance of regular training in the workplace. For call centers especially, there are always new gadgets and software coming onto the market which employees need to be aware of. Regular employee training is a great way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, as well as develop teamwork skills and improve verbal and written communication skills that are vital attributes needed when liaising with customers.

In a call center, dealing with customers over the phone is part and parcel of the job. Therefore, following the guide above and putting the tips into practice will ensure that every customer your team engages with is left satisfied with the call.

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