How To Get Leads For Your Home Services Business Both Offline And Online

Last Updated: March 8, 2023

As a home service business owner, getting potential customers to actually click on your website is no easy task. In fact, lead generation is one of the most frustrating aspects of running a business for most owners.


The process of capturing and cultivating a person that has expressed some sort of interest in the products or services you offer is referred to as lead generation. Here is a list of five simple but useful ways you can use to generate leads for your home services business, both online and offline.

Start With Your Close Circle Of Connections

One of the best ways for you to generate some solid leads for your business is by reaching out to those close to you, including close family members, colleagues and friends. Initiating these conversations will give you a great opportunity to get into what you do and the solutions you can provide through your business. As you interact with those who are close to you, collect referrals and you will also be in a great position to learn some valuable information.

One of the best places you should look to build professional connections is at trade shows and conventions; so be sure to attend where possible. Most of those attending these events are there to learn more about the businesses on show. As you collect their contact information, remember to ask your new leads whether it is okay for you to send them regular updates in future.

When using this offline strategy to generate leads for your business, be sure to remember that people are more likely to share useful information with someone who is sociable and not pushy in nature. As such, before you start talking about your business, show genuine interest in what they have to say as well.


Blogging is one of the best ways through which home services business owners can earn the trust of potential customers and with that, generate solid leads. Through blogs, you interact and connect with others facing the issues addressed in your content. This not only helps you build new relationships, but also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your company niche.

One of the major benefits of blogs is how they give you the freedom to use a variety of media types through which to share your message: including text, video and infographics. To learn more about the interests of your potential customers, it is recommended that you post new content on your blog regularly and analyze which posts generate the most interest. In addition to posting blogs on your business website, you should also strive to make regular guest posts on other blogs within your same industry.

Your blog posts can be used to optimize your SEO efforts and even shared on your social media accounts to generate as many leads as possible.

Free Seminars, Classes Or Webinars

Another great way for you to generate new leads online and offline is by offering free classes, webinars and/or seminars. These can be focused on helping your audience learn or perfect a new skill and can be offered as webinars hosted on your website or as an email series. Hosting this free informational sessions will give you the opportunity to collect contact information through subscription forms.

Sharing useful information with your followers is one of the best ways you can draw customers back to you, especially if they encounter a similar problem in the future. Your readers will not abandon you once you teach them a new skill but quite the opposite. When they are in need of professional services in the future, your subscribers will remember your brand as a reliable and trusted authority. But that only works if you remain present in their minds. Make sure to keep in touch by sharing regular and relevant messages with your subscribers. 

Free Offers

Everyone loves free stuff. Presenting them with free or discounted offers will help draw potential customers to your website. One example of this would be to offer discount codes or free ebooks in exchange for contact information. That way they gain a respect for you and your business as well as winning you a new lead for your business.

Visitors that come for the free stuff are also likely to accept the receipt of regular communications from the business. However, it is essential for you to ensure that visitors know what they are agreeing to beforehand and guarantee that all communications contain valuable information, not just spam. This will increase the chances of turning these leads into customers.

Traditional Media Channels

Various traditional marketing channels can still be useful to generate leads for your home services business. Direct mail, television and print ads can help you reach a wider audience and thus draw in more leads. In fact, direct mail is still considered to be one of the most commonly used marketing media when it comes to home services companies.

To ensure that you know which traditional marketing channels are generating the most leads it is recommended that you monitor each channel’s return on investment (ROI) closely.

The home services industry’s competition is getting stiffer by the day, meaning businesses looking to succeed need to generate leads, both on and offline, consistently. While businesses can follow the above tips to generate leads, working with a professional marketing agency, such as Section 5 Media, can help cover all your bases.

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