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How To Plan Awesome Content: A CoSchedule Review

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Around here we talk a lot about how important social media is. However staying up to date on all of the different tasks at hand can be somewhat overwhelming. Especially when you're dealing with multiple tweets, blog posts and trying to maintain a finely-tuned social media presence. When you don't have the proper tools, keeping all of your tasks and due dates organized can become cumbersome. Since we believe in sharing awesome products, we wanted to take some time to review and share CoSchedule with you.


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So, what exactly is CoSchedule? Essentially, CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar. That means you can schedule a ton of different tasks, create blog posts, set deadlines, etc. All while sharing them with your co-workers. And because CoSchedule integrates with several different partners, like Wordpress and Twitter, it makes creating and sharing content faster. Which in turn, makes it easier to achieve your marketing plan goals.  Let's take a look at what we love most about CoSchedule:

  • Wordpress Integration - With this integration you don't even need to open Wordpress in a separate page to create your blog posts. All you have to do is choose a date on your CoSchedule calendar, select "Wordpress Blog Post" and enter a blog title. CoSchedule will then create a draft in your Wordpress. Easy peasy, right? Best of all, they help you choose a title that will result in more post engagement and higher rankings in search results. CoSchedule even allows you to easily share posts through social media. As a result,  your blog and social media can work together.
  • Marketing Calendar - CoSchedule's calendar works on a drag-and-drop system, which comes in handy if you happen to put a certain task on the wrong day. With their calendar you can plan your marketing tasks more efficiently, because it's all in one place. It groups your social media, project management and blogging together. As a result, everyone can see when things are due.
  • Social Media Scheduling - Through CoSchedule's calendar you can plan, collaborate, and schedule your social media content to your heart's content. They even have a "Best Time Scheduling" feature that helps you find the best times to post to social media. This means you'll get more followers and engagements on your tweets and posts!
  • Tons of Integration - It's no secret that when you can do everything all in one place it saves you time and CoSchedule's integration makes life easier. They have a variety of integrations available at your fingertips. Their partners include Wordpress, Wordpress VIP, Evernote,, and Buffer. As for social media platforms, they offer integration with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr. They're even fully compatible with Google Chrome, Analytics, Docs and Calendar.

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So, why are we so keen on CoSchedule? We use it as a way to keep our social media team up to date with the blog post schedules, due dates, and social media scheduling of our blog posts. We love their easy to use calendar because it gives you the ability to view scheduled blog posts. Which makes it easier to know what and when to share to Facebook and Twitter. Their integration with Wordpress has made it more fun to schedule blog posts and the headline analyzer has done wonders for our blog's traffic. We really love their social messages page because it lets us know how much traffic we're receiving on different platforms.

If you'd like to see an overview of how awesomely easy CoSchedule is, check out this video .

If you are interested in trying CoSchedule out for free for 14 days, you will see what all the fuss is about!