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The Six Killer Ways to Engage Your Instagram's Audience

We love Instagram, it's a great social media platform. But the bonus is that there's over 300 million active users on Instagram in a month! It's one of the best apps in terms of getting your blog or business noticed. The trick is to create an engaged community. This is crucial for any business or blogger. After all, the followers we have on Instagram can be viewed as some of your biggest supporters.


Today I have a few key points to get your Instagram community engaged and excited about what YOU have to offer.

First of all, you need to know who your audience is. Your posts won't truly matter if your audience isn't there to receive it. One of the best tools to gather actual statistics about your followers is Iconosquare. This website links to your Instagram account and provides information on when your audience is most active, which posts are most liked and what your audience typically comments on the most. Photo statistics are useful because it determines if there is a disconnect between you and your followers. Sure, you might really enjoy posting all of those photos of your breakfast, but your audience might love it more when you post photos of what you're currently working on. Iconosquare directs you in giving your followers what they REALLY want to see.

People love it when you value their thoughts and opinions. So, when you need to engage with your community, make time to actually engage with them! Ask your followers how their day has been. Take a photo of what you're currently working on and ask for their opinions. Essentially whenever you share something with them, ask a question that falls in line with the photo you've posted. Seriously, anything to get them talking. It might feel awkward at first, but you'll be surprised by how many people actually reply. It's important to remember that your followers are taking the time to connect with you and you should connect too.

In any social media platform your goal is to find something that will set you apart from everyone else. When you offer something of value to your audience, your audience will notice and appreciate it. Give your audience a reason to keep checking in on your account, day after day. It might be a challenge to find out what truly sets you apart, but don't give up. Don't forget to be consistent when it comes to posting. Being consistent and knowledgeable on Instagram leads to success and an interested audience. Whether you have a blog, a business, or both, you need to brand your Instagram. Check out this article for some tips: Why You Need to Brand Your Instagram

Finally, respond to ALL of the comments that you receive. No, not just a few, there's no need to pick or choose.  Don't ignore any comments. When you neglect to comment back, it could make the commenter think you're not interested in what they have to say. Seriously, the more your respond to comments, the more your followers will feel as though they are actually a part of a community. And trust me, that's what you want. The key is to find opportunities to connect with your followers. It's even a good idea to reciprocate photo likes as well. This could create a back and forth that can grow your Instagram community.

We hope that these tips help you create a more engaged Instagram community. Follow these steps and you'll have more of a chance for people to start commenting. Who knows, you might get some interesting comments that help you find a new direction for your social media!

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How do you engage with your Instagram  community? Leave a comment below and let's discuss!