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Instagram's New Hashtag Follow Feature

That's right! You can finally follow hashtags on Instagram. This is great news. Especially for brands and bloggers alike. Honestly, it's awesome for anyone who uses Instagram as a way to promote their content! This is perfect for people who consistently use hashtags as a way to find new accounts on Instagram. As a brand, it helps you reach a wider audience. Which is why it's incredibly important to use hashtags whenever you post your content. Because it can really make a difference.

Instagram's New Hashtag Follow Feature

Unfortunately not too long ago, there was a dynamic shift on Instagram. People were starting to see less and less relevant content. As a result, brands were starting to notice lower engagement, even for post formats that used to perform well. All of this was pretty disheartening. Mainly because Instagram was the perfect place for organic engagement to thrive. Thankfully, that's all changed. Enter in Instagram's newest update: a way to follow hashtags.

It's pretty brilliant if you think about it. Users now have the ability to follow hashtags the same way they follow accounts. This new feature places the tagged content right into their newsfeed. It's a dream come true. It will now be a lot easier for users to discover new content that they are actually interested in. Which means they'll end up connecting with their favorite accounts as a result.


With the new feature, you'll more than likely see some crazy positive effects on your overall Instagram strategy. Not only will it give you another way to engage with and discover users, but your content reach will go far beyond your current following. You'll also get access to a new metric for measuring Instagram engagement. And your overall reach and engagement will more than likely increase.

So, what should YOU do to leverage those hashtag follows?

Create a custom hashtag. It's ridiculously easy to create a unique hashtag for your brand. So, if you don't already have one, now is the time. Not only does it help to promote your account, but it also encourages users to follow your hashtag. It also gives them a way to add to your brand's hashtag whenever they share a post about you. Think of it as a filing system specifically for your brand.

The trick is to finding one that isn't already in use If you find that your perfect brand-related hashtag is already in use, don't give up. Get creative with it and see what you come up with.

Use hashtags. The only way your brand will benefit from this new feature is if you, you got it, use hashtags. You want to get added to the hashtag feeds, right? So use them and use them well. Take a moment and consider your target audience and the hashtags they would actually follow. However, you should only focus on the hashtags that are relevant to your brand. It's never a good idea to stuff your posts with hashtags just for the sake of using hashtags.

Follow other hashtags. Look at this as a learning tool. Especially with this new feature at your disposal. When it comes to Instagram, you really need to put in the time to get the results you want. But we all know that sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. It makes it even harder if you are a smaller brand with only you running the show.

This is why it's really important to follow other hashtags. Whenever you scroll through related hashtags you'll actually discover potential followers. Without the new feature, this had the potential to quickly become a time hog. Now Instagram puts content with those hashtags directly into your newsfeed. Which means less work for you! If you see a post you like, go ahead and like it, comment and even follow. It's a great way to see more results on your end.


We hope this will help expand your reach to new followers. It's been a long time coming and we're excited to see how this will affect our efforts. Now we want to hear from you. Do you already use hashtags? Have you created a brand-specific hashtag? Let us know in the comments below, so we can discuss.