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Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Marketing has changed a lot since the start of the 20th century, getting ever more effective and powerful. The biggest change in the past 30 years has been the move to digital marketing, and the most significant change in the past 20 years documents the creation of software that can greatly enhance the success of digital marketing campaigns and techniques.

Some software provides features like email marketing automation, but others help you manage your digital relationships with customers in much more complex ways.

If you’re thinking of improving your digital marketing, be sure to give the following software a try.


Hubspot is geared towards those embarking on a new marketing journey, with little previous experience. It is a free software with paid options (that are still fairly affordable, not like many that cost thousands of dollars a month). Hubspot is a complete customer relationship management tool (CRM) and offers several features to help you interact with and retain customers on the digital plane. It offers blogging software that aids the creation of search-engine optimization and conversion optimized content at speed. It offers email templates that you can use to give emails a personal touch – with automatically personal subject lines and content. Hubspot even lets you run A/B tests to help you identify areas where you can improve your clickthrough rate.

Hubspot also allows you to develop a contact profile, where you can access every interaction that you have had and develop detailed ideas of who your current and potential customers may be. This also allows you to create campaigns with a high degree of targeting. Hubspot also offers impressive social media tools that you can use to monitor any mentions of your brand and track any public conversations about your company.

Hubspot is also an award-winning CRM, winning the Expert’s Choice Award for the best CRM software of 2017. It was commended for its simplicity and intelligence, a terrific choice for anybody who needs an easier user interface design. If you are unsure whether you will actually get any benefit from CRM, then consider how Hubspot’s free product allows you to work out if CRM is really for your company (and it likely will be). There is also a lot of online training on how to use their features if you don’t quite get how Hubspot works.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a mighty marketing application. It is an amalgamation of 5 marketing tools that were originally separate but became combined after 2009. It is worth mentioning early on, that Adobe Experience Cloud can be very expensive (about $50,000 annually), but it is possible to reduce this cost by using a software reseller partner. Let’s look at their tools in a bit more detail.

Adobe Experience Manager allows you to make sure that your content is consistent and personalized for each customer by creating/managing a digital experience across all of your channels that can be easily scaled. It provides tools that help you source, adapt and deliver assets to different audiences across any channels you use simultaneously. Adobe Experience Manager is designed to allow seamless transitions between acquisition and retention without the use of other smaller-scope solution products.

Adobe Analytics is an analytic tool that uses ad-hoc reporting, AI and audience segmentation, and compares impressively to Google’s analytic 360 solutions, boasting a 224% ROI.

Marketo Engage is a B2B marketing and CRM tool, that enables lead nurturing and management, Account-based marketing, personalization with help from machine learning, cross-channel engagement, and more. This tool was named the leader in the B2B marketing tool space for the 8th year running.

Adobe Primetime helps to get actionable data on advertising, subscriptions and revenue with a customer-targeting focus. This is geared to help with mass media, and they claim to reach 99% of US TV households.

Audience Manager DMP is a tool that you can use to build detailed profiles of your audience and customers. This is utilized across all of their products, and claims to be a reimagined audience segmentation tool. It can collect and merge data from any practical data source, making it able to generate a richer and deeper customer profile or segment.

Adobe Campaign offers you one digital workspace in which you can automate emails, adverts and wider campaigns, as well as manage them with other features. It links in with Audience Manager DMP and Adobe Analytics to get a clear picture of the customer journey across channels, so that you can deliver highly specialized and targeted advertising and convert more potential customers into actual customers.

These two key software are at different ends of the spectrum. Hubspot is a brilliant tool to help your budding company start to generate more revenue and achieve growth into a medium size enterprise. Until you are at this point, you probably won’t be able to consider a tool like Adobe Experience Manager, but when you can afford to you should consider Adobe. It is widely regarded as the leading marketing software, and has held the crown for years. It is so regularly updating that nothing seems to be able to threaten it properly, and its ROI stats speak for themselves.

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