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Why Pinterest is the New Google

Not too long ago I began to notice that the way I searched online was starting to change. Personally, Google was beginning to take a backseat to Pinterest. And I started to wonder if I was alone in this. So I did some research and came across some pretty interesting things. So why is pinterest the new Google? Let's take some facts into consideration.


According to AdWeek, Pinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2014. In fact, they gained 97 percent more active users. They beat out Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn and even YouTube. All that aside, Pinterest offers something a lot more unique than other social networks. Pinterest allows you to search and actually end up with what you're looking for.

Sure, Pinterest lends itself perfectly for photographers, graphic designers or products that are highly visual in nature. But Pinterest is also proving to provide a space for companies who don't necessarily have visual content. The key is to be creative in how this platform is leveraged.


Think of it this way… if we spend all this time optimizing our content for Google, shouldn’t we also look at optimizing our visual content? All those statistics up there indicate one main point: if you want more engagement, shares and likes, you need to focus on your company's visual content!

One of the best sites to optimize and share visual content is Pinterest. The site has morphed a lot in the last few years and is now becoming a highly targeted search tool to help you grow your business. Which is pretty awesome when you think about it. Adios, DIY decorating ideas. Hello, tips and tricks. Mainly because Pinterest has now become a combination of search engine/targeted advertising tool. At it's core, Pinterest is the place for people to plan, aspire and enrich their lives.


So, if you're looking to optimize your small business for Pinterest, take a look at these quick changes that you can make to your boards and pins. It will help to increase your chances of being found.

  • Move your top boards to the first two rows. Focus on choosing boards that represent your business and best explain what your company does.
  • Next trick is to place the most important boards in the center.
  • Make sure there are at least 6 pins on your board because you don't want to see any empty space.
  • Don't forget to pin other people's content to your board . That way you'll get more followers if  your content is well-rounded.
  • Don't pin one thing to multiple boards at once - plan to space them out.

When you do space your pin schedule out, be sure to do it over a 7 day time frame by pinning the same image to other relevant boards and then pin to the blog post to a group board.


The majority of people are looking for specific pins. Here are a few tips that will help your pins show up in more searches.

  • When you save the name of your images as the name of your post or product it makes sure that your post or product is credited correctly when your image is shared.
  • When you upload your own pins, don't forget to add in specific keywords that people would use to search for it. Use a description as if you're explaining it to a friend.
  • Don't forget to use your top keywords at the beginning of the description.

Make sure that your images are pin-able. A visitor should be able to hover over any image and pin it directly to their account.

Personally, I think Pinterest is giving Google a run for their SEO money. And how awesome would it be if one day we all caught ourselves asking a question and instead of saying it, "Google it", we say, "Run it through Pinterest and see what pops up". How do you feel about Pinterest? Leave a comment below and let's discuss.