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The Secret to Happy Clients

Keeping Clients Happy - The Secret is in Plain Sight

The secret to a happy client isn't that much of a secret when you think about it.  A critical part of dealing with customers has a lot to do with building strong relationships with them. Therefore making your customers happy is crucial to your business's success. Below you'll find foolproof ways in which you can do just that!

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1. Listen to their wants

It's no secret that customers have expectations and it's your job to make those expectations come to fruition. The more you open yourself to effective listening to what your customer truly wants, the happier the customer will be. They came to you for a reason and when you prove your worth, the happier they will be.

2.  Be personable with clients

Reaching outside the professional relationship and creating a friendly bond can do wonders. Especially when customers can tell you truly care about them. Consequently, the customer will feel as though they can come to you with any questions they might have. Keep in mind that making them feel comfortable is key.  Something that is always important to remember is that no matter the size of a customers business, they are a human being as well. 

3. Identify and explain your process of how you’ll help them

Explaining to your customers how you will help them makes them feel more at ease. They may not fully understand the dynamics of the process, but hearing what you can do for them will make them happy. It assures them that you will do everything in order to give them what they want and that they are bringing in someone that will be a net positive to the business and not a drain to their already limited assets.

4. Be honest about your skills

If you can't provide your customer with a certain aspect of their task or something they are wanting to be done, be honest with them. They will appreciate you even more for it. It's also a good idea to provide them with info as to where they can go for certain things you can't provide.  This not only allows you to become your customers trusted advisor but it also allows you to build out your network of professionals that will reach out to you when something is outside of their skill set.  The Photographer that you sent your customer to may have a customer that needs web design or Social Media Management.

5. Show confidence in your skills

Sure there are some things you may not be a pro at, but showing confidence in regards to the skills that you do have is also important. This confidence will speak volumes to the customer and it will do wonders for your company. When your customer picks up on your confidence their trust level rises.  Remember that your most brutal critic may be yourself and you are being brought in because you are providing something to the business that they cannot do themselves.  


If you've noticed all of these tips can be summed up with communication and ensuring that you are setting and receiving proper expectations.  The better you communicate the more happy customers you are going to have.  Even when going through something tough you can have a happy customer simply because you are keeping them informed on what is happening.  Business owners know better than many people that things come up, priorities can shift, and pieces of a process can fall apart.   The thing that will set you apart from others is making sure that your customers know what's happening and why.


Happy customers can make or break your business - so make sure you keep your customers happy whenever you can.  You can also benefit from a happy customer because they can spread the word of how great of a company you are. As a result, it can surely boost your clientele list with more customers like the one you are already working with! What are some of the ways you keep your customers happy?