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Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Showing up as the top result on Google is what most brands aim for. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to the game of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, ranking well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) is something that requires dedication and time. Today you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO Tricks & Tips that any non-techie can master on their website.

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Size Your Photos Correctly
Google wants to give its users websites that are fast because it leads to faster load times. Images over 10mb are not Google friendly. It’s key to make the photos half the size of the page’s width. You should also get in the habit of adding image descriptions or Alt Tags to your photos on the site. Having the proper keywords included on your photos alt tags will help in Google image searches.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
The most significant changes to Google’s recent algorithms is the mobile-friendly update. This affects all websites shown on its search results. This update not only favors mobile-friendly websites in the SERPs and actually penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly. Check out Google’s Mobile Friendly tool to test your website. To learn more about mobile friendly content and how you can create it, check out this blog post: Mobile Content and How to Create It

Use the Best Keywords
In order  to accomplish this you’ll have to answer a few questions first:

  • Is the keyword relevant to your website’s content?
  • Will searchers find what they are looking for on your site when they search using these keywords?
  • Will they be happy with what they find?
  • Will this traffic result in financial rewards?

First of all, do some research to find out the keywords that will be most beneficial. Then find the right focus keywords and implement them properly. Lastly, consider what your target audience will be looking for and what they will find most useful. You can also check out this article: SEO Keywords: 10 Ways to Find the Best Keywords for Your Business

Implementing Your Keywords
Make sure to include your focus keyword at the beginning of the page title. Change the SEO title as well. Be sure to focus on meta description because these are very useful in Google, since they are description shows up in the search results. Keep in mind that these meta descriptions are under 156 characters. Don’t forget to include the keyword in your page URL.

Using Keywords in the Content
Content is one of the best SEO tips & tricks, because high-quality content will generate high-quality traffic. Your content should be around 300 words, using your chosen keywords three or more times. It’s also important to try and use the focus keywords in the first paragraph. However, the keyword will need to be written in the paragraphs exactly as they are in the search. For example, the search term, ‘Activities Rainy Day’ won’t count if the paragraph has ‘Activities for Rainy Day’.

Link Building
You can generate traffic within your site by using inbound linking. Inbound links are an important part of any SEO strategy. This type of linking refers to the links that are found on other sites that mention and link your website. As a result, the better your content the more likely your website will be mentioned on other sites!

We hope these SEO Tips & Tricks will help you in creating a killer SEO strategy. Follow all of these tips we’ve discussed and you’ll definitely be ahead of the competition!

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