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How To Streamline Your Social Media Presence

If you're like the majority of businesses out there you have A LOT a of presence in terms of different social media platforms. Trust me when we say this is a good thing. There is a great need to provide a variety of social media platforms in which customers can access. Why though? You need to streamline your presence, because different people gravitate towards different social media outlets. There are some people who only dabble in Twitter and Instagram, while there are others who only stick with Facebook. The key here is to maintain a consistent, streamlined presence across all platforms. Thankfully, I'm here to tell you how.


What it really comes down to is properly maintaining an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc). It's all about consistency and timing. Which is why we've discussed the best times to post on social media before - because yes, it can get overwhelming. We also know that apps can be your best friend when you need to streamline your social media presence. Here are a few that will make the task of streamlining extremely effective. All apps listed work for both Android and iOS devices. Let's take a look...


Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social media accounts in one place. Long gone are the days of laboriously switching between your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This app allows you to keep track of everything while giving you the ability to post the same content to all your social media platforms in one fell swoop. Hootsuite lets you schedule posts and even includes an analytic function that gives you insight into how to create better content for each platform.



Buffer is similar to Hootsuite, but still slightly different. So if Hootsuite isn't right for you, be sure to check out Buffer. Buffer lets you manage and post to your social media accounts from one place, but in a different layout. Buffer comes with a handy "optimal timing tool" that helps you figure out the best times to post which is a little easier. It helps you increase social media engagement in a crisp and modern layout.



Mention lets you take a different approach to maintaining a social media presence. This app is a social media listening app. What this means is that it let's you know who is talking about you and your brand. It gives you a peek into what people are saying about you AND your competitors. This is valuable information when it comes to what to publish on social media. If you know what type of content does best, you can maximize on it. We all know that managing your reputation is just as important as managing your content.

However, having all these tools won't make you a social media guru - they're tools, not magic! The good news is that there are ways to streamline social media so you are efficient and effective. To get the most out of social media when you use a social media management app:

Schedule Your Posts In Advance
Not all social media activity has to occur in real time. Make a list of messages that you want to send out over the next week or two. If you use a scheduling app (like the ones listed above) managing these posts is incredibly easy. Not only does this keep you active on social media, but it prevents you from rushing to gets things done at the last minute. You can use an online service like CoSchedule to help you plan and schedule your posts across all major social media sites. Check out our review here: How to Plan Awesome Content: A CoSchedule Review

Go Mobile
The apps listed above work great on your computer, but having these as apps on your phone makes life a little easier. Mobile apps give you the opportunity to check-in on social media activity while you're on the go. These apps allow you to reply, ask, engage, and interact so all your effort of streamlining your presence doesn't suffer. A great way to not miss anything is to set your social networks to notify you whenever you have a comment or tweet.

Focus On Effective Content
It doesn't matter how much you post if you're posting the wrong content. Listen to the analytics of particular posts. Keep an eye out for which content gets more engagement and continue to post similar content. You don't want to post things that don't result in engagement. The more engaging content you post, the better. You might be surprised by which content does better. Just go with the flow and watch what happens.

As you can see, streamlining your social media presence isn't some elusive beast. You can master it with the right tools and game plans. What are some of the ways that YOU streamline your social media content? Leave a comment below and let's discuss!

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