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Should You Leave Facebook or Stick It Out?

Should You Leave Facebook or Stick It Out?

Facebook has made things a little difficult for marketers. First, there was free earned media. Then there were paid ads as a way to attract and engage millions of followers. But now they've created restricted access. Facebook has systematically reduced access to a brand's fanbase back in 2012. That's when they restricted a brand's organic reach to about 16 percent. And in 2013, the restricted it even more. A recent study shows that around 2% of a brand's fanbase actually see brands posts. A lot of marketers assume that brand reach will soon be down to zero.

Types of Posts You Can't Promote On Facebook

Posts You Can't Promote On Facebook Anymore

Facebook has cut back on a lot of ad formats that brands can promote. This is their attempt to make Facebook advertising more effective and as a result, has put restrictions in place. These restrictions remove the ability for brands to take any post published on their Pages and pay Facebook to promote them. Boosting these ads will make it so they show up in newsfeeds. But here's the thing, Facebook is incredibly specific about what those promoted posts include. Today, we'll take a look at the ad formats that have been retired and what you can do instead.

10 Tips To Expand Your Reach On Facebook

10 Tips To Expand Your Reach On Facebook

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools today. In fact, it's so integral that you need a solid campaign in order to grow your followers, your audience and to expand your reach on Facebook. But the trick in all this is knowing where to start because it isn't always easy. Especially if you are like the majority of people and are self-taught in the art of social media.

Facebook's New Algorithm Update

Facebook's New Algorithm UpdateBelieve it or not, your attention is a commodity to Facebook. Which is why Facebook has been busy tweaking it's News Feed algorithm. Facebook wants to make sure that their users are engaged by the most relevant material as possible. Usually, these updates, which they are always working on, are for the better. However, these updates can also cause some trouble as far as marketers are concerned. Recently Facebook announced what marketers should be aware of if they want to make the most of the already decreasing organic reach.

Facebook's Explorer Feed & How It Could Affect Marketers

Facebook is constantly evolving. Like any good company, Facebook adapts and changes the world around us. And as I see it, the social media world too. Now, while some changes to Facebook can leave you disappointed or angry, some can actually benefit marketers. Whenever a new update happens, a lot of marketers are left assessing the potential affects. How will this change things for our team? How will our strategy need to adapt in order to stay current? Is there anything that we can gain from this change?

How To Create Facebook Ads That Actually Work

Facebook ads that excell take some proper know how but once you master it, it becomes easy. Last week we talked about how to advertise with Instagram. This week we'll focus on how to create Facebook ads that actually work. The world of Facebook can be a mysterious one if you don't know where to start. And honestly, it can be downright complicated. If you need a little crash course on how to use Facebook for advertising head over here.