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An Uncommon Google Analytics Report That Will Increase Your Blog's Traffic

Uncommon Google Analytics That Will Increase Your Blog's Traffic

Search engine optimization is a lot like a Rubix cube. You have to get the pieces just right to succeed at it. But the thing with SEO is that it is a field that can be challenging because it's always changing. However, there are best practices that are pretty constant. And if you follow them, you can improve your organic visibility. But since Google's algorithm is ever-evolving, most people will overlook a lot of what can cause one site to outrank another site.

Google Analytics: How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Google Analytics: How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Google Analytics is an insanely powerful tool that gives users the ability to get insights into the behavior of the visitors that visit their site. In a previous post we discussed how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site. So today we're going to focus on how to OPTIMIZE it. Learning how to optimize Google Analytics for WordPress is crucial. Especially when it comes to finding out how users interact with your site and which goals you aren't hitting. Ultimately it enables you to shape a unique marketing strategy for your whole online presence.