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The Three Ultimate Actions that Will Grow Your Business

So, you want to grow your business? Sometimes the endless possibilities can become a little overwhelming. If you don't know what actions to take in order to get results for your business, you might get stuck. Ditch the months of research, because we're here to help with three ultimate actions that will grow your business! Growth doesn't happen by accident, so let's get started.


The business of growing your business is simpler than you might think.

Choose a single result to help your customers accomplish what they are after and you're on the right track. The trick is to give your customers the chance to achieve it within at least two weeks. Use this tactic to create extra content for your website. Focus on opt-in content in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. Create a new paid product or service that will allow your customers to attain their goal.

This makes something tangible, actionable. Your new two week long production time constraint means they have to be quick to achieve. Imagine your result as something easily created for your customer, like new brand colors or a distinct plan for a new website layout. They are easy ways for your customer to imagine and extremely useful. And useful always wins.

We understand that sometimes it's hard to imagine how you're going to help your customer achieve their goals. It almost feels necessary to create killer content that gives the results you're after. But you shouldn't obsess over the content, because when it comes down to it, content (in this instance) isn't the important part. Your ideas are what's most important. Their format is nothing more than a distraction. Give your ideas time and energy to develop. If you're ideas aren't effective, format doesn't matter.

If there’s a format that will make it easier for your customers to succeed, go with it. Otherwise, choose a way to deliver results that you already know you can pull off. There is no wrong answer. The more you hone your ideas, the sooner the format will arise. So skip the hours of painful research and get started. Truth is, people care about results. Be sure you stick to a schedule with your content, this will keep you grounded with deadlines and force you to focus on what is important as well as keep your customers engaged. A tool like CoSchedule can help, check out our review here: How To Plan Awesome Content: A CoSchedule Review

A simple solution is all you need to solve a problem. Especially when it comes to growing your business. Yet, many business owners view finding new customers as an elusive task. But honestly, these are skills that you can master over time. This is where bloggers come into the equation.

Email a blogger with a decent sized audience. Offer them ideas for a guest post - something that will fill a gap in terms of their content or something that brings a different voice to the discussion. Perhaps the blogger you're reaching out to talks a lot about branding, but doesn't offer a logo service. Take the opportunity to create an opt-in service for her readers to get a swanky, new logo. Offer a one-click subscription or content upgrade (ex. an email opt-in service) on your website.

You owe it to your ideas and the people they could help!

When it comes down to it, these three actions are the ultimate way in which to grow your business. It might mean acting differently than you have before, but the payoff is SO worth it. Stay positive and focus on the bigger picture. Don't get lost in the details because it can be a slippery slope into insanity. What matters most is the finished product. Widen your horizons and watch your business grow right before your eyes.

Let us know your experience with this. What’s one thing that works for your blog or business right now? What have you've found that works for you? Leave it in the comments below and let's discuss!

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