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Top Trends of 2016 Every Marketer Should Know

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Trends are always evolving, especially in digital marketing. Instead of the 2015 trends fading away, we've watched them intensify in 2016 and it's all related to mobile marketing. Mobile traffic is on the rise and has surpassed desktop traffic. In fact, because of the increasing mobile trends, there has been a call for sites to become more mobile friendly. We've talked about the ever growing mobile device trend here before, and it only seems to be intensifying as we move forward. Here are the top trends of 2016 that every marketer should know:

Video Ads
Social videos can garner a lot more interaction than photo based ads. Video ads rely on "the content, distribution strategy and consumer self-expression tools combine to allow an individual to “add their voice”". That means that as a business you have more of a chance to interact with customers on a more emotional based level. Your video can skyrocket your conversions if it's done properly.

Social Media is Even More Crucial
According to Tech Crunch, " Facebook added 4 million users in its money-making core market of the US and Canada", but don't assume that Facebook is the only social media platform you should be using. Instagram has a lot of users as well. They rank at 400 million users each month! Adapting your marketing to social media has become necessary in apps

Influence Marketing
Sponsors are the wave of social marketing. Finding the right "social influencer" can make a huge impact in terms of getting your business out there. Believe it or not, social influencers have the ability to outsmart SEO's and even content marketing. Social influencers can range from highly popular Instagram users, YouTubers, bloggers top specialists in any given field. They hold the power when it comes to influencing a wide range of consumers based on different factors. They also have the ability to focus on specific individuals as opposed to a target market.

These top 2016 trends will help your business grow and most importantly, they can help you reach out to your consumers on a more emotional level. Of course there are many trends happening right now, but the ones mentioned here the top trends of 2016. So, follow these trends, make more conversion and reap the digital marketing benefits!

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