Why Do You Need SEO For Home Service Companies?

Last Updated: May 10, 2022

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best new-age marketing strategies that yield great results. With the help of a quality SEO campaign, it’s possible to not only generate new leads but continue to bring them in for a long time to come.


However, why is it important to set up an SEO campaign in the first place? Why is it essential for home services companies?

Here is a detailed look at some of the underlying advantages of both On-Page and Off-Page SEO for home services companies and why SEO is a must for Home Services companies looking to grow.

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Targeted Leads

The first thing SEO is able to deliver comes in the form of targeted leads. When things are set up correctly and the search engines have indexed your site, the idea is that you are answering a direct question by a customer.  Google thinks your website, or article is the best answer. There is nothing worse than being in a situation where the leads aren’t targeted and you have to dig through individuals that aren’t interested at all.

With SEO, you specifically target customers that are going to be on the lookout for your business and the services you provide. They will want someone to do the kind of work you’re going to do for them. 

Try something right now:

  1. Go to google.com 
    1. (*pro tip – use incognito, or a new browser because google knows sites you have already been on, like your own website and will push them higher in the results.  You want to know what your potential customers see, not what “you the business owner” sees) 
  1. Search for your highest value service in your main city/town.  (i.e. new roof installation in chandler, az) 
  2. review the results
  3. Contact Us if you want to be higher in those results

This is a warm lead and one that is far easier to convert. As a result, SEO becomes one of the best tricks up your sleeve when it comes to marketing the right way and getting customers looking for services you actually provide.


24/7 Marketing

The beauty of SEO is seen through being able to market your business throughout the day. Whether you are awake or asleep, the search engine is always going to be running. This means whenever a potential lead feels like searching Google or Bing for a relevant keyword, your website is going to show up if it’s ranking.

This is the reason more and more home services companies need to start looking at search engine optimization for their marketing strategy.  Being where the customer is, and when they are looking is the best case scenario for any business, but this tends to be even more true when working with home pro services.  

Do you want your competitor or you to be the source of information when someone is searching in the middle of the night for their next large home project.  


Future-Centric Strategy

There is nothing worse than being put in a situation where you are behind the curve. A lot of businesses get swept aside because others come into their niche and simply dominate marketing-wise. If you are in this type of position then it’s time to change things up.

With the help of SEO, it’s easier to come into the future and start building future-centric digital assets. Whether this is your website, social media accounts, or anything else, it has to be done with SEO in mind. A great SEO strategy can lead to continuous growth down the road.

SEO is going to build a strong marketing foundation for your business and is going to make it harder for others to dislodge you in the niche.  SEO is considered a marathon marketing tactic by many professionals in the industry because the work you do is slow and steady, but also permanent.  We’ve got nothing wrong with Advertising (In fact we provide PPC services as well), but as soon as you stop spending money, you stop getting customers.  A well structured SEO plan can be turned off and still reap the benefits for years to come.  




Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something you are going to want to account for and understand.  When a customer thinks I need pest control, what company comes to mind in your local area.  They have the best branding (at least to you).  Now do this with any other service and you can see how important branding can be to a company.  

Home services companies always hope to put their name out in front of potential leads all the time. Whether you are a roofer, landscaper or an electrician, it isn’t always easy, but with the help of major search engines, you can make it happen on the digital front as well as physically.  And with local SEO you can start to seem like the largest most reputable brand in your area as searchers start to see your brand multiple times using multiple search terms.  


Builds Credibility in the Niche

Credibility is the name of the game when it comes to running a successful business. In the past, a lot of businesses would look towards “word of mouth” as their main marketing ploy but that isn’t as effective these days. Don’t get us wrong, it still works… but if you don’t think they are also jumping on your Google profile or Facebook page to double check the recommendation then I have some bad news for you.  

This is how you are going to start coming into the public eye and become synonymous with quality in the niche. As people see your name pop up more and more on Google/Bing, they will realize this is a business that knows what it is doing.  There is an inherent trust built into these third party recommendation engines by many people.  


SEO is a strong foundation

Integrating your SEO into your other Digital Marketing initiatives is one of the more underrated advantages of SEO because at its core, great SEO is simply building your website in a technically correct manner, providing great content, and then properly reaching out to others to let them know have that great content and provide and excellent service.  This basically allows you to integrate anything else to the website because you are building a strong, and technically correct website foundation.    

When you do this properly, you not only get results in the form of leads, you also get a foundation to build from for the rest of your businesses life.  Yes even after your next re-design you will have the ability to build upon this strong foundation that you built in the first place.  


Free and relevant Leads

At its core, the purpose of SEO for Home Services is to bring in a predictable quantity of quality leads that are looking for the services that you provide.  Whether you are a plumbing expert, landscaping pro, remodeler, electrician, or any of the other professionals we are working with, your company’s survival rest on your ability to find the right customers at the right time.  

Creating a strong digital asset is one of the best things a home services company can do. It’s going to allow you to continue to dominate in the niche and find an edge over the competition. If the goal is to see good results without having to splurge on ads, this is one of the best ways to do so.  


The Importance of a Digital Marketing Agency

Ultimately, SEO for Plumbers is not that different than it is for landscaping professionals when talking about the process. However, you are targeting different customers with potential overlap.  For example, either company could talk about putting in a gas fire pit in their backyard(where I’m from a licensed plumber is required to put in the gas line) , but only a plumber would talk about a sewage backup (at least we hope so).  You need someone in your corner that can help you plan and strategize you message, delivery, and execution.  

A qualified team of SEO experts can help reduce the waiting period when it comes to generating free traffic through major search engines. This is heralded as one of the most effective and proven methods of attracting leads, but it needs to be done with a tremendous amount of care.  It is easy to get bad advise and also not do something correct.  This may ultimately end up in you getting penalized on Google, and having the exact opposite outcome you are looking for, up to your website being completely removed from the search engines.   

An agency such as Section 5 Media can set a high standard when it comes to improving a site’s SEO potential, integrating different company assets, and making sure you are targeting the right keywords. SEO Agencies also have tools, services, and expertise that allow your company to get results faster than you could without them.  Let’s be real…how many times has a lead said in your industry, “I could easily do what you guys say you’re going to do better and cheaper”. And you know that just is not true.  


To learn more about Section 5 Media and all that it has to offer, feel free to book a detailed consultation as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity when it comes to generating new leads, ranking higher on major search engines, and building a full-fledged marketing plan.



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