Why You Need PPC For Your Home Services Company In 2021

Last Updated: March 5, 2023

The demand for home services has exploded over the years, and shows no sign of stoping any time soon. This has also increased the demand for home service companies; therefore, it is a worthy investment to make sure you can be found when those potential customers are looking for you. The only question is, with so many people already tapped into this market, how do you ensure that you are ahead of your competitors? One of the best ways to do this is by using pay-per-click advertising, or PPC. PPC will help your business connect with the right people at the right time by providing timely solutions to their problems.


Imagine a situation where an online customer searches for “Plumber near me.” They find several plumbing companies in their area, including you, but end up choosing your competitor. Losing even one client can be very devastating for many companies so you need to find what you can do better to become the customer’s number one choice. The problem could be that you are not using the right keywords, not targeting people in the location you are in or a whole number of different possibilities. So what do you do to become their first choice? The secret to this is using an effective PPC strategy.

So What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising is a way to connect with your customers while building awareness of your brand. It targets advertising to people who are looking specifically for your products or services. PPC connects clients in dire need of home services to you so that you become their first choice.

The traffic to your home services page will come in two ways; through paid and earned traffic. Paid traffic is worked through PPC advertising and website ads. On the other hand, earned traffic includes clicks from organic searches, blog posts, and social media. Considering the competition, the way to stand out from everyone else is to use PPC advertising.

How Does It Work?

When in need of an emergency plumber, people will likely search their phone for the local plumber. If your company properly implemented PPC advertising, your page will be strategically placed so that you will be the first thing your customer sees. From there, they will be able to connect and then contact you to close the deal.

The nice thing about PPC advertising is that everything is entirely based on whether the person clicks on the ad. You only pay when somebody clicks on the ad, but if they view and don’t click, you’re not required to pay anything. Another way to look at this is pay for performance.  

Effective PPC Strategies

With so many different ways to go about forming your PPC ad, here are our recommended first steps to guarantee your success.

1. Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is a web page that users will be directed to once they click on your ads online. As great as PPC ads are, it only works if your landing page is optimized. You need to ensure your landing page is effective so that you are able to convert your PPC leads into customers. 

Also, ensure that your contact information is included on the landing page to allow new customers to contact you. You want to make sure the customer has clear ways too contact you and also that it is very simple to know what the next steps are.  

2. Select the Right Keywords

Selecting the right keywords is another way to ensure that your PPC advertising is successful because it will draw the right people to your page. Home services are usually location-specific; therefore, it is recommended to include keywords that target your specific location. Rather than waste money on a lead that isn’t even in the same state as you, target the right audience and save money. 

3. Bidding Practises

The great thing about PPC is that you only need to pick a time of day, week, or year that is generally profitable for your company, and apply it. You don’t need to spend precious money on advertising for an extended period but simply focus on the times you should.

4. Hiring a Marketing Company

When applying PPC to your home services business, it is always recommended to hire a marketing agency, such as Section 5 Media, to help you generate organic traffic. By using an experienced advertising agency like Section 5 Media, you do not need to spend days trying to figure PPC and how to make it work for you. It is our specialty to give companies like you the expertise needed to launch your campaigns, position your brand at the top of Google search as well increase traffic. Combined, this will help you secure more business and ensure that your brand gets excellent organic traction.


Here is where Section 5 Media comes in. We will help you connect with the right customers, form a reasonable budget, revamp keywords and increase traffic to your site. Contact Section 5 Media and your business will thank you!

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