Since the majority of users move between multiple devices for information. It’s important to have a consistent design, regardless of the device. If you want to make sure your current and potential customers can use your website, you need to make sure it has a responsive design.

responsive design

A responsive web design creates an optimal viewing experience no matter the device, it’s important. Here’s why a responsive website matters…

Standard Practice
A responsive web design isn’t a passing fad. It’s becoming standard practice. So if you want to reach your customers no matter what device they use, it’s a must.

Google Demands It
Google wants your site to be responsive. So you should too! A consistent design, regardless of the device, helps results. Sites that aren’t responsive are eliminated from search engines. Therefore, if your website isn’t responsive your results plummet.

Retain Visitors
The biggest benefit of incorporating responsive web design is that it provides a better user experience. Visitors see optimized content across all devices.  A poor user experience on a mobile site means less repeat visitors. As a result, those lost visitors translate into lost sales and leads. The key to retaining visitors is a responsive web design.

Save Money
A responsive web design makes things a bit easier for web developers. This will save you money, since you only need to have one version of your website. As a result, one website means that search engine optimization is a lot less time consuming.

It’s clear to see that building a responsive website is critical to the success of your brand or company. Not only will it save you money and retain visitors but it is also what search engines are looking for as a standard practice. We hope this has helped you realize why a responsive web design matters so much.