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One of the most widely used, and under appreciated marketing channels is Social Media.  This marketing channel is fairly unique in the aspect that you most likely have interactions and things being said about your business whether you choose to use them or not.  Users are having discussions about your product or service whether you are choosing to engage with them or not.  Your business can control things like your website, advertising and your email marketing, but with Social Media you are able to just make sure your voice is head and you manage your social channels in the best way possible.  

What is Social Media Management

Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing leverages other companies social platforms allowing you to curate, connect, interact, and build your brand.  Much like the super malls and shopping centers of the past, Social Media platforms give you the digital real estate to grow and support your business.  


Why Invest in Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing

Your Buyers are On These Platforms

Much like real estate your marketing needs to follow a similar mantra...location, location, location. As a business looking to grow you need to be where your prospects are, and you better also be where your customers are.  With a solid social media marketing strategy, you can be part of the conversations that happen about your brand

Your Prospects Start Their Search Online

Want to find something to eat nearby?  What's your most likely scenario:  Find a phone booth and look at the yellow pages, or pull out your phone and type in food near me?  Want to find a new  B2B service:  Do you trust testimonials on the companies website, or reviews posted on reputable third party platforms? 

Your potential customers are starting their search on social media. With our social media marketing solutions, they will find your business when they look up a product or service on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

Your Prospects and Customers are Already Discussing Your Brand

Do you want to be part of the discussion?  Want the opportunity to answer questions that prospects have, or the chance to help a customer right away and gain an advocate?  Effective social media management allows your company to do that across multiple social platforms.  

Social Media Companies Are Designed For Growth and Engagement

Your business, with the right strategy can easily piggy back off the platforms success and investments in user growth and engagement.  Understanding how each platform works allows you to have your brand at the front of discussions that you would have never had access to before.  


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Our Approach to Social Media Management

Our Approach to Social Media Management

Our approach to social media management and marketing starts with your end goal in mind.  We start there so we can reverse engineer the process to meet and exceed your goals.  You’ll meet with your Social Media Manager where you will review what your business goals are.  We’ll build a plan and a budget, and if part of your goals, bring in our advertising specialist as well.  We then execute on that plan. Your Social Media Manager will be in your account every day ensuring that your accounts stay active and anything that needs your attention receives it.  Then we review your account monthly to ensure your goals and social media accounts are still aligned with each other.

What is a Community Manager

This is Social Media Management evolved.  If you decide that your brands goals align with a community manager you will have access to our top Social Media Managers that are focused on building your Social community.  Apart from standard Social Media Marketing tactics, our reliable social media services includes a Community Manager who will actively engage with people, proactively reach out to influencers and partners, and work to foster dialogue and activity across your Social Media Channels.  This is much more than just posting and responding to others post.  This is an active member of your team that uses Social Media Channels to foster an active and engaged audience for your brand.  This is only open to certain businesses and requires an interview to ensure it would be a good fit.  Curious if thats you?  Talk with one of our Social Media Experts in Phoenix and find out.

Social Media Community Manager

What Businesses Can Gain from Social Media Marketing

You get to enjoy these benefits when you work with an agency that offers quality social media services:

  • Better Brand Awareness – You boost the brand recognition of your business when you engage a broad audience of prospects and customers.
  • An Excellent Source of Marketplace Insights – Social media marketing and management enables you to monitor the activity on your social media profiles and figure out the opinions and interests of your customers. You could use the data you’ve gathered to improve your products and services.
  • Improved Credibility – When you publish well-written and thoughtful posts on your social media accounts, you set yourself up to be a leader and expert in your industry. It helps establish your credibility in your field.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising Strategy – Creating a social media profile for your business is free for many social networking platforms.
  • Opportunity to Improve Customer Experience – Social media enables you to interact, engage, and respond to customers’ questions and comments. The interactions you do are opportunities to show just how much you care about your customers.

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Section 5 Media is the Social Media Marketing specialist in Phoenix you’ve been hoping for. We’re not about profits first, we’re about our clients and we see their online success as our success, as well. Your business gets a well planned and properly executed Social Media Marketing plan where we focus on results and not on vanity metrics. Add in our great customer service and support, and we aim to be the perfect match for all your online marketing needs.

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