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As a Phoenix-based web design business, we’ve seen the growth in the city over the past two decades. We’ve also seen businesses come and go, which is a part of the economy, but some of those that aren’t around anymore were legitimately good businesses but they had terrible websites or no online presence at all.

The Struggle Businesses Face

You probably find yourself in the same position that so many other businesses have before. You know the importance of having a quality website. You look up national big time providers who advertise these services only to find that the results never live up to the marketing. So you look for other options.

Generally, all the bids you get come from one of two places:

1) Freelancers who quote a really good price (sometimes too good to be true) but are from a 3rd world country with questionable English, have no track record to prove their reliability and no reason to stick around to troubleshoot any future issues or even do the work once the payment goes through.

2) You find a professional with a great portfolio, a track record of success, and the skills to get the job done but the price tag pretty much knocks you off your chair and that’s even before mentioning things like SEO work, hosting, or troubleshooting.

Website Design for Business Owners

We Live For Businesses
Like Yours

There’s no question that here at Section 5 Media we take pride in being the best Web Design specialists who really live for helping out small and medium-sized local businesses. Whether you’re looking to set up your first website, are putting off a badly needed revision, or what to move from amateur to successful, our Phoenix-based web design and development agency is here to meet your website needs.

Professional Design Matters

While there was a time Google would overlook design for technical data about the website or giving credit for spammy backlinks, those days are gone. A good looking site that is professionally designed really does matter. There are many reasons for this, ranging from making a good first impression with new customers to passing the eye test if/when Google puts your site under a manual review. When we do custom web design and development for our clients, we produce a professionally designed site that creates a positive impression with new customers and Google.

Professional Website Design

Why Professional design matters

  • First impression with potential new customers/clients.  This is your "Storefront"
  • For many prospects, this is your ONLY opportunity to show them who you are, especially if they have a poor experience.
  • Good web design and development can have positive SEO benefits, meaning more customers will find you organically and your customer base has greater ability to grow. 
  • Creates a fantastic online foundation you can build from
  • Professional web design also increases the conversion rate of your business. An engaging and functional website improves overall user trust and experience, which results in better conversion rates. You’ll have more visitors performing actions that lead to conversion, such as purchasing a product or a service, signing up for a newsletter, and booking a call.
  • Your business enjoys lower bounce rates when you have a reliable web design and development agency transforming your website. The bounce rate looks at the percentage of users of a specific website who visit a site and leave right away without taking any further action. When your website is responsive and engaging, your visitors are likely to stick around and explore what your business has to offer.
  • Your visitors will experience better site loading times when you have an excellent website design. Site loading speeds directly affect user experience. Research from Google revealed that 53 percent of mobile visitors would leave a site if the webpage fails to load within three seconds. The same study revealed that fast-loading sites benefit from better conversions.


We believe in websites that are designed well, easy for customers to use, and matches your brand. When we meet these needs for you, the end result is a website that customers and search engines will both love.

Glimpse of Our Web Design Process

We follow these steps when we offer custom website design services to our valued clients:

Initial Consultation

Our professional web design and development team takes the time to learn about your business, goals, branding, and design preferences.

Design and Development

From the information we collect, we work on the colors, graphics, content, and coding necessary to complete your new website.  

Site Review and Launch

We review every inch of your website and refine it to meet or exceed your expectations. Once we’ve received your go signal, our team launches your new site.

Designed for People But SEO Friendly

When a Section 5 Media Web Design Specialist works on your website we balance your website  for your customers and prospects, as well as ensuring that it is all SEO optimized.  

Don't Worry about the tech

We are experts in multiple website tech stacks.   This means that we will help you pick the right technology for your business.  We work to understand when technology can further enhance your digital marketing initiatives.

Experience You Can Count On

Hundreds of customers, with thousands of websites, and millions of results.  Over the many years of experience between our experts we understand what makes your business grow.  

Why we're The Right Choice for your Business WEbsite

When you need a web design and development company in Phoenix, remember only one name: Section 5 Media.
We’re not about profits first, we’re about our clients and we see their online success as our success, as well. You get a beautiful, professionally coded, and outstanding website that will get your message out at a price that won’t wreck your budget and that will stand the test of time. Add in our great customer service, and we aim to be the perfect match for all your online needs.
With our help, you’ll have a website that wows visitors and turns them into loyal customers. Fill out our contact form or call 480-977-1600 today to schedule a free consultation with our skilled web design team.
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